The license for KSFR-FM is owned by The Santa Fe Community College. The Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation manages KSFR under an agreement with the College.

10/1/1991 FCC grants Santa Fe Community College License to cover Santa FE New Mexico on 90.7 MHz FM from its tower on West Alameda St.

3/13/1996 The Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation Incorporates as a New Mexico Non-Profit Corporation.

12/21/2001 The Santa Fe Community College and The Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation enter into an agreement whereby NNMRF will manage KSFR.

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Our Times with Craig Barnes


Our Times

Equal Times

Beanie has been a life long fan of jazz, growing up listening to her father play guitar, from the era of Freddie Greene and the Count Basie Big Band.  She studied piano and guitar into her teens, until her focus on being a visual artist came to the forefront.  She studied art in Hartford, CT, Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA.  She has exhibited her work around the U.S., Italy, Japan, S. Korea, and Thailand.

Beanie came to KSFR in 2007, when there was a need for an afternoon jazz host.  She had never done any broadcasting, but was happy to learn and share the music that she loves with a jazz audience.  She is so thrilled to be a part of the knowledgeable group of jazz dj’s and musicians at KSFR.

Lauren Camp consistently and creatively uses art, voice, poetry and sound to move others. Since 2004, Lauren has been a producer and host for KSFR-FM, Santa Fe Public Radio. During that time she has anchored three shows: “The Colors of Jazz” (2004-2010), “Poetry Talk” (2007-2008) and currently, “Audio Saucepan,” a genre-defying mix of music and poetry on Sundays from 6 to 7 PM. She approaches each show from a visual arts aesthetic, focusing on the colors and shapes of the different musical tracks, and how she can best splice them together with a few surprising lines of poetry.

As a “cultural creative,” I have always been interested in alternative modalities; art, music, theater, dance, films,healing, cultural anthropology, the environment. In 1960, I started the first interior design consultation service in New York ( called Instant Interiors) using what people have in a new way. In 1971, I created the first quilt gallery showing antique American quilts as art (Quilt Gallery, Inc.) long before hanging abstract quilts on the walls became fashionable. I started working with the metaphysical school Arica in 1971,and became a certified teacher of T'ai Chi Chuan in 1978. I am a born-and-bred New Yorker who moved to Santa Fe in 1982.In 1999,started Living Juicy! I see myself as a bridge between mainstream and leading-edge modalities.  

Jazz DJ, Dave Anderson and his wife, Jane, have lived in Santa Fe in since 1971.  Before joining the KSFR family, Dave worked in communications and then taught band in the public schools for twenty-eight years.  He retired in 2008 and began his work in radio with a guest appearance on Arlen Asher’s “the Jazz Experience” which led him to produce and co-host a series of shows based on the lives and music of some favorite jazz artists.  In the spring of 2012 he began substituting for Beanie Kaman on her show, “Something Cool” (KSFR, Wednesday, 1:00 - 3:00 PM).  In producing each show, which he does with the aid of his two cats and an iPod, Dave thinks in terms of entertaining his listeners by sharing beautiful tunes, arrangements, and performances.

Democracy Now!

Live, hard-hitting and award-winning, Amy Goodman challenges pols, media mainstreamers and "just get along" apologists among us. DN! is the unimbedded, independent, international interview program on current events. (With support on KSFR from Lannan Foundation.)

Terrell's Sound World

Free-form, weirdo radio. 

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