Santa Fe State Senator Peter Wirth says he will sponsor a proposed constitutional amendment to reform the state's bail system, which he calls "broken." Wirth, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says his bill will be introduced during the 2015 30-day session of the State Legislature. The Democrat's proposal puts forward two key reforms, one of which would allow judges to deny bail before trial for the most high-risk, dangerous defendants.

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Small companies in the city different have the opportunity to get a boost thanks to an upcoming event hosted by the Santa Fe Businesses Incubator.  The next Eureka Effect event in coming up in September, and KSFR’s John Calef has the details.  

Yesterday in Virginia a journalist and cameraman were shot while broadcasting live from a strip mall in the town of Moneta near Roanoke, Virginia. The gunman appeared to be a disgruntled colleague who was recently fired. While such extreme events are rare for journalists in America, there are consistent dangers that we face every day. I spoke with Rory McClanahan, board president of the New Mexico Press Association and editor of the Mountain View Telegraph about some of what New Mexico journalists face.

  The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish meets at Santa Fe Community College later this morning. On the agenda are efforts to increase by 25 percent the number of bears hunters can kill annually, easing the rules for trapping cougars on private lands, and expanding cougar trapping to millions of acres of state trust lands. The cougar changes would discontinue a requirement that hunters get a special permit to use traps or foot snares to snag cougars on private land. The proposed changes have drawn opposition from animal rights groups.

John Calef presents Santa Fe Local news at Noon

On Monday President Obama announced a set of executive actions to accelerate the country's transition to cleaner sources of energy and ways to cut energy waste. According to the White House announcement one of the purposes is to continue to expand opportunities to install energy saving technologies today, particularly those homes that need it most.

Freedom of information has been in the news a lot lately, with an injunction against the Santa Fe New Mexican to prohibit information from being published. This among many attempts to keep journalists from accessing information. On Monday in Santa Fe was a presentation about Open Government. I spoke with Greg Williams, the President of the board of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government.

There will be a "Stand for Wolves Rally" at Santa Fe Community College tomorrow morning starting at 8am in the Jemez Room. The rally immediately precedes a State Game Commission hearing, which starts at 8:30 a.m.  For more information about Thursday's rally and hearing, visit That's mexicanwolves.o-r-g. KSFR will be there as Commissioners enter the hearing and we’ll bring you reports At Noon. You can hear Mary Charlotte’s full interview at

New Mexico is pushing back the timeline for certain low-income adults who will have to meet work and job-training requirements to keep getting food stamps. State Human Services Secretary Brent Earnest tells The Associated Press his department decided to delay implementation of the requirements and make some changes in response to concerns voiced during recent public meetings. Social service advocates have argued that many people stand to lose their benefits because there aren't enough jobs or meaningful training opportunities in the poverty-stricken- state.


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