June 29 - News At Noon

15 hours ago

KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

In a Public Regulation Commission hearing that began in April and resumed this week, New Mexico’s largest electrical utility is asking for a rate increase to offset the cost of acquiring power from a nuclear plant in Arizona. According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the rate increase could be as high as 15.8 percent—that could mean between five and thirteen extra dollars per month on PNM customers’ bills.

H1B visas were created to help American businesses grow by bringing in small numbers of highly skilled immigrants to supplement the American workforce. Computerworld senior editor Patrick Thibodeau told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE that this plan has backfired and allowed ordinary foreign workers to take American workers' jobs.

June 28 - News At Noon

Jun 28, 2016

KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

A federal court in Seattle Monday granted class-action status to a lawsuit challenging the practice of placing immigrant children in deportation proceedings without access to legal representation. The class action designation covers all immigrant children in the ninth federal court circuit. That’s the largest circuit in the country, incorporating Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, as well as two island territories. It’s also the circuit with the highest concentration of immigration court cases.

Billions of dollars are stolen from Medicare and Medicaid by fraudsters each year. Investigative reporter Joe Eaton told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE how taxpayer money ends up in dirty pockets.

A week before the 4th of July, "Independence Day: Resurgence" has landed in theaters. Can this sequel live up to the 1996 original? KSFR correspondent  Jeremy Zeilik finds out. 

June 27 - News At Noon

Jun 27, 2016

KSFR's Nancy Stapp brings you local news at noon. 

As thousands of educators gather this week in Washington DC, we asked the president of New Mexico’s National Education Association to give a preview of what would be discussed. Zelie Pollon brings us this report.

On a recent episode of KSFR’s Nuestra America, Marcela Diaz and Elsa Lopez welcomed David Dyssegaard Kallick, senior fellow with the Fiscal Policy Institute in New York and co-author of a new report by the Center for American Progress on refugee integration in the United States. The report examined four groups of refugees as they found new work and new communities in the US. Kallick said the authors themselves were surprised by this report’s timeliness.


Dave Marash

Here and There with Dave Marash

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MONDAY June 27 - An informed rough guess is that Medicare and Medicaid lose about $60 billion a year to fraud. Investigative reporter Joe Eaton on why these enormous Federal programs do such a bad job of protecting themselves from crooks. And with a few suggestions that might make it easier to catch the fraudsters and recapture the loot before they can hide it. TUESDAY June 28 - It’s back, persistent abuse of the Federal Government’s H1-b program to let certain professional workers to come...
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