It's a fact: an estimated 46% of adult New Mexicans are functionally illiterate.  That's sad news, but the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy is doing its best to provide programs in every county for those adults who need help with reading skills. KSFR speaks with Coalition executive director Heather Heunermund and outreach coordinator Ellen Gallegos about why so many New Mexicans need literacy help. For more information, or to find out how to volunteer, go to http://newmexicoliteracy.org or call 1-800-233-7587.

Tularosa Downwinders To Host Vigil on Saturday

Jul 20, 2018

The Tularosa Downwinders Consortium holds its annual candlelight vigil in Tularosa on Saturday, at 7:30 pm to honor those New Mexicans who have been affected by radiation since the first atomic bomb test on July, 1945.  Downwinders' Tina Cordova has recently returned from speaking to a US Senate subcommitee on expanding the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act coverage to include New Mexicans who were living in the Alomogordo area at the time of the test, and their descendents. 

Wake Up Call, July 20 2018

Jul 20, 2018

On today's show:  activists.  We'll speak with the Tularosa Downwinders on their concern about health effects from radiation starting with the detonation of the first atomic bomb test in 1945, and about their annual vigil to remember those New Mexicans affected.  And we'll hear from Answer Coalition about why mixing nuclear production and tourism is not a good idea.  And we'll speak with advocates of New Mexico literacy, who'll reveal some shocking statistics about our state's adults. 


KSFR’s Fashion & Art Commentator Natasha Nargis speaks with KSFR’s Tom Trowbridge about some of the happenings in the Baca Street Arts District, which has been dubbed the “SoHo of Santa Fe.”

KSFR’s Art Beat Reporter John Shannon speaks with local documentary film makers Barbara Bentree and John Rangel about their new film featuring prolific composer Dave Grusin, who will be playing at the Lensic when the film debuts this weekend.

KSFR’s Wake-Up Call for July 19, 2018

Jul 19, 2018

On today’s Wake-Up Call, Host Tom Trowbridge checks-in with KSFR fashion and art commentator Natasha Nargins about the upcoming Baca Street Bash and other happenings in the Baca Street Arts District; We’ll also have the Marketplace Morning Report, and John Shannon’s conversation with local documentary film makers Barbara Bentree and John Rangel about their new film featuring prolific composer Dave Grusin, who will be playing at the Lensic when the film debuts this weekend.

S.F. Film Office

The Santa Fe Film Office notes that the Emmy nominations were announced last week and Santa Fe took in a haul with 38 nominations for Santa Fe-shot and Santa Fe-related productions. The Film Office’s Executive Director is Eric Witt, who speaks with KSFR Wake-Up Call host Tom Trowbridge about the honors and the work of the film office, which is now two years old.

On today’s KSFR Wake-Up Call: host Tom Trowbridge speaks with Santa Fe Film Office Executive Director Eric Witt. The Film Office has much to tout in its two years of operations. Also today, two Senate panels in Washington D.C. hear about issues regarding voting on Native American lands; and New Mexico’s prisons are running out of space for the growing number of inmates. All this, the Marketplace morning report and a local news update on today’s Wake-Up Call.


A death in the family is one of the saddest occasions any of us will ever face. But for con artists, death equals opportunity. Consumer reporter Mary Lou Cooper brings us a report on death and obituary scams. She speaks with Liz Peck, Forbes Magazine contributor and certified financial planner with Frazier Financial consultants.

Community Matters is the monthly public affairs radio program produced for KSFR’s Wake-Up Call by the Santa Fe Community Foundation. July’s episode concerns immigration and the crisis at our southern border:


This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY July 16 - We start our program week, with President Donald Trump’s trade war. Who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of Trump’s economic belligerence, and who in America care already among the casualties. Ali Velshi, the chief economic correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC looks at the story, in depth. TUESDAY July 17 - The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, personal and published, and freedoms of assembly and religion. Now a new Supreme Court decision extends First Amendment...

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