KSFR Talks With Santa Fe Poet James McGrath

5 hours ago
John Shannon

KSFR's Art Beat Reporter John Shannon speaks with long time Santa Fe resident and world traveling poet James McGrath about his life, his travels and his poetry.


KSFR’s Tom Trowbridge reports on recent testimony before Congress by New Mexico’s U.S. Attorney regarding the severity of opioid crisis across Indian Country.

Wake-Up Call host Tom Trowbridge sat down with former two-term Santa Fe County Commissioner candidate Mike Anaya and has this report:

On today’s (March 16, 2018) KSFR Wake-Up Call: News from Washington on the severity of the opioid crisis in Indian Country. Also, host Tom Trowbridge speaks with former Santa Fe County Commissioner Mike Anaya, who’s running again, this time as an independent. Poet James McGrath shares his story with KSFR’s John Shannon and David D’Arcy reviews the documentary Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable.

Wake-Up Call host Tom Trowbridge checks-in seasonally with Albuquerque National Weather Service “Warning Coordination Meteorologist” Kerry Jones. And when Tom spoke with him Wednesday, he asked Jones to summarize New Mexico’s “meteorological” winter: the months of December, January and February:

From today’s KSFR Wake-Up Call: Santa Fe School Board member Kate Noble, one of five candidates for Santa Fe Mayor in last week’s municipal elections, shares her thoughts on the campaign past….and her political future….with host Tom Trowbridge.

On today’s program: Kate Noble discusses her campaign for Santa Fe Mayor and Albuquerque National Weather Service Meteorologist Kerry Jones fills-us in on a very dry New Mexico winter and his outlook for the spring.


Late last week in Santa Fe, First Judicial District Court Judge David Thomson approved a class action settlement agreement between workers and workers’ rights organizations and the Department of Workforce Solutions. The settlement concerns enforcement of New Mexico’s strong wage-theft laws. And it ensures the state agency will carry out its duty to enforce laws and hold employers accountable when they violate them. Marcela Diaz is the Executive Director of Somos Un Pueblo Unido, a New Mexico immigrant advocacy organization.

KSFR's Wake-Up Call for March 14, 2018

Mar 14, 2018

On today’s (March 14, 2018) KSFR Wake-Up Call:  A discussion  with Somos Un Pueblo Unido’s Marcella Diaz about a recent settlement agreement between workers and workers’ rights organizations and the N.M. Department of Workforce Solutions. Also, the Marketplace Morning Report and Jack and Celestia Loeffler’s “Watersheds as Commons, Part Four.”

On Wake-Up Call: "Women On Wheels For Wild Lands"

Mar 13, 2018

Last November, four women rode their bikes into southern New Mexico on a mission. Calling themselves “Women on Wheels for Wild Lands;” their plan was simple, if formidable: pedal 53-hundred miles from California to South Carolina. And it wasn’t just an endurance ride. It was also an effort to educate both themselves and the people they encountered about the beauty of America’s public lands and the urgent need to save them.


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MONDAY, Mar. 12 - For 30 years the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board has been America’s only “open window” to safety issues in the national nuclear weapons industry. Last year Republicans tried to close the window and then, to shut down the safety board entirely. Didn’t happen and Investigative reporter Patrick Malone of the Center for Public Integrity says the DNFSB still lives. TUESDAY, Mar. 13 - The pollster, columnist and marketing strategist John Zogby was one of the first to see...

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