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Tue November 27, 2012

Jazz Team

I am Desiree Mays, producer of Yoga Moments on Fridays just before 5pm and Sundays just before 8am. The idea for Yoga Moments is to provide a quiet two minutes in busy times to relieve stress and provide a little food for thought.  My readings and books  come to me and cover all faiths and philosophies  from the Dalai Lama to Yoga for Chickens (visualize meditating standing on one leg, chicken-style - Tree pose for those in the know).
I produced CenterStage for years for KSFR, an interview format with music speaking to classical music people. Now I talk about the Santa Fe operas on Radio Cafe with Mary-Charlotte in the spring and summer months. Radio is fun, informative and sometimes uplifting.

Bruce Taylor Hamilton (aka "Uncle Homey" or "Joe Bob Biscuit")

I joined KSFR about 15 months ago. It came about because of my teaching indoor cycling at clubs around Santa Fe where I build class playlists from all types of musical sources (blues, jazz, pop, Arabic, north African, Brazilian, even some classical, among others). Because of the popularity of my playlists, it was suggested that I try to find a slot at KSFR to play the many kinds of music I use. I did so, and have savored doing my show ever since.

Part of my interest in music come from a traumatic personal cessation of early musical lessons, which has led to a life-long desire to always be involved with music.

Ron Hale was born in Mexico and has lived in New Mexico for over 30 years.  Ron has been doing radio since the 1960s—first at WRSN in Swarthmore, PA, then at WGDR in Plainfield, VT, and then in New Mexico at KUNM in Albuquerque and KSFR in Santa Fe, where he is part of the Acoustic Explorations team of DJ’s.  Ron has been involved with folk, bluegrass, and traditional country music since high school and college, playing guitar and singing in a number of acoustic bands—currently with the Atomic Grass bluegrass band (with fellow KSFR DJ Phil Vergamini).  Ron has a strong interest in the history of traditional American country music and in how that history is reflected and expressed in contemporary culture and music.  In his other life, Ron has worked for many years as a consultant to non

With more than a decade of experience in the world of communication Tara joined the KSFR on-air family in June of 2009 with the launch of Indigenous Foundation. She has worked as a broadcaster, newspaper reporter, photographer and documentarian across the country. She currently is a part of the live national radio show Native America Calling. 

Each Saturday from 1-3 p.m. (Mountain Time) Tara helps to unleash Indigenous Music from all over Turtle Island and beyond. Her show, INDIGENOUS FOUNDATION is where the music is the foundation of any conversation. 

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