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For one energetic hour each weekday, "Here and Now" combines the best in news journalism with intelligent, broad-ranging conversation to form a fast-paced program that updates the news from the morning and adds important conversations on public policy and foreign affairs, science and technology, and the arts: film, theater, music, food, and more.

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That's what we believe Public Radio should be. Especially here in Santa Fe, "The City Different." KSFR demonstrates this commitment 24 hours a day, with programs that reflect the independent, thoughtful perspectives of our own community, as well as those of other critical thinkers around the world. You'll hear opinions that don't toe the line, from all corners of an issue.

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Keeping Public Radio alive is important to all of us. Community-supported Public Radio stations like KSFR are a creative gathering place for local interests and ideals. They are beacons that beam independent voices and ideas otherwise unheard in tightly controlled, mainstream commercial media. Your dollars go to support the essence of America: Freedom of Expression. Diversity of Ideas. Your own grass roots community. KSFR is Santa Fe's only Public Radio station.


You'll enjoy meeting other fans of Public Radio.
We can always use committed volunteers anytime -- and especially during our spring and fall on-air fund drives in September and March. We have all kinds of opportunities, from answering pledge phones during the fund drives, to regular involvement in programming and news.
If you'd like to "get inside" Santa Fe's only Public Radio station, please email our Volunteer Coordinator ( now, while you're thinking about it.
We can't do it without you.....

Have an Idea for a New KSFR Program?

More than 80% of KSFR's weekly programming is locally produced by talented New Mexicans. If you have an idea for a program, here's how to go about submitting it to KSFR's Program Committee for serious consideration.

Before you submit your program concept, listen at different times to 101.1FM, KSFR, and consult our published Program Guide here on the website.Will your idea be a fresh new addition to our Public Radio line-up? What will set it apart? Is there something about your concept that will especially appeal to Public Radio listeners in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico? (We also particularly encourage programmers interested in serving local Hispanic, Native American or other under-served audiences.)

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