Film Honors New Mexico Folklorist Nasario Garcia

Oct 12, 2017

New Mexico folklorist and historian Dr. Nasario Garcia grew up in tiny Ojo del Padre, one of several villages along highway 550 that are now abandoned.  Garcia is well known for his many books on early New Mexico life, like Hoe, Heaven and Hell, and Gradma Lale’s Tamales, and he is the recipient of the Historical Society of New Mexico’s first-ever Lifetime Achievement award.

Lujan Calls Out Trump On FCC License Threat

Oct 12, 2017

New Mexico Congressman Ben Ray Lujan has issued a statement that he is quote “shocked and disappointed that President Trump has suggested the revocation” of  certain broadcast licenses.  Lujan says, the president, in a Tweet, suggested that the FCC revoke the broadcast licenses of NBC and other broadcast news organizations, because of the way they portray him in their newscasts.  KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer has more. 

Rita Daniels reaches Cody Hooks, deputy editor of the Taos News, to discuss in greater detail the dozen names of priests, brothers and deacons who served in northern New Mexico churches -- and who appeared on the list of 74 credibly accused clergy released by Archbishop John Wester on September 12.

Here is Cody Hooks's story from September 21 detailing some of what he talks with Rita about today.


CYFD Rolls-Out New Early Childhood Effort

Oct 11, 2017

New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department Cabinet Secretary Monique Jacobson this week announced that her agency is rolling out a new support system to assist and strengthen early childhood programs throughout the state. Tom Trowbridge spoke Tuesday with Secretary Jacobson about the effort.

Economics of Happiness Conference Comes to Santa Fe

Oct 9, 2017

The Economics of Happiness Conference is coming to Santa Fe later this week.  Both conference organizer Melissa Picket and Craig O’Hare recently visited the KSFR studios to discuss the event with KSFR News Director Tom Trowbridge.

More Nuclear Waste for NM? Two Viewpoints

Oct 6, 2017

The Los Alamos Study Group keeps tabs on all things nuclear in New Mexico, and the group's director says that more plutonium production, and possibly more nuclear waste,  is on its way to the state.  But some New Mexicans, such as the Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance, want more production and want  more spent nuclear fuel stored here, because of it's economic, and energy producing, potential. 

Santa Fe Food Drive A Huge Success

Oct 6, 2017

In September, the Food Depot in Santa Fe held its sixth annual neighbor-to-neighbor food drive.  KSFR News Director Tom Trowbridge spoke with Linda Wilder-Flatt about the success.

PNM Seeks To Comply With Renewable Energy Goals

Oct 6, 2017

The New Mexico Renewable Energy Act  requires utility companies in the state to have 20% renewable energy by 2020. Can more be done to increase that percentage?  KSFR contributor James Werbel speaks with Public Regulation Commissioner Cynthia Hall and with Dan Ware, a Public Service Company spokesman about renewable energy, beginning the conversation with Commissioner Hall.

Tax Reform Next Congressional Hurdle

Oct 3, 2017

If all goes as planned, the next big issue to be debated before Congress is tax reform. Tom Trowbridge has details on that and other news from the U.S. Capitol and here in New Mexico.

Writers Reflect, Recall Artist Georgia O'Keeffe

Oct 2, 2017

The mystique of painter Georgia O’Keeffe’s life and work has continued to expand in the 31 years since she died.  Admirers trek to the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe and to her home in Abiquiu, and some hike the reddish brown dirt trails the artist walked at Ghost Ranch to catch a glimpse of the traces she’s left behind.

Late last month, the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and Press at the Palace of the Governors convened an event called Our Times with Miss O’Keeffe.  It featured three New Mexicans who knew her well.  Deborah Begel has the story.


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