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Santa Feans Go to No DAPL Protests

Sep 6, 2016

Santa Fe citizens have been traveling to CannonBall, North Dakota to attend the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline. The protests concentrate on concerns by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe about their water supply and sacred sites.

The pipeline would transport crude oil from western North Dakota to Illinois under the Missouri River, The Missouri is the sole water source for the Standing Rock Sioux. The route would carry 570k barrels of crude oil a day across four Midwestern states. 

Santa Fe New Mexican

There were 306,000 people over the age of 50 living on the streets in 2014. That was the last year that data was available. In Santa Fe, more than 400 people come to St. Elizabeth’s shelter in Santa Fe for housing assistance every year. Nine units are for elders.

Deborah Martinez reports.

Engage Cuba Group Pushes To Eliminate US Embargo

Aug 5, 2016
Adam Jones/Flickr

More than a year and a half ago President Barack Obama made history by easing travel and trade restrictions to the island nation of Cuba.  Now it’s up to Congress to completely lift the embargo against the communist country – a move that conservatives haven’t been willing to do.  But as Deborah Martinez reports, a group meeting in Santa Fe this week aims to change that through a coalition called Engage Cuba, that has established its newest branch in New Mexico.

April 30 - Local News At Noon

Apr 30, 2015

Local news brought to you by Abigail Adler. Listen Here.

Governor Suzanna Martinez recently wrote a letter  obtained by the Santa Fe New Mexican to Energy Secretary Moniz expressing her support for another underground storage facility -- but this time for the quote unquote interim storage of highly radioactive nuclear waste.  

Fracking has been controversial in the United States for years, but recently it is found to be causing a huge increase in earthquakes. But one geologist says its more the waste water disposal than the fracking itself, that we should be concerned about. KSFR’s Jack Lobe has the story. Listen Here

One of Santa Fe's best dance parties -- which also happens to be A hugely successful benefit for an organization helping hundreds of people in New Mexico -- will take place this Saturday. It's Bollywood time.

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