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Sunday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM MST

Audio Saucepan is a carefully sculpted, one-hour journey through jazz, classical, blues, spirituals and world music interwoven with interpretive poetry readings and recorded words. A joyous potluck of reason and tempo. Gourmet sounds for your ears and mind. A show designed to make your weekend end well.

You may listen to each episode for 2 weeks following the airdate. The 2-week archive is available at


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2/2/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Myth of the Earth Episode” includes the poems “Staff Sgt. Metz” by Dorianne Laux (from Breaking the Jaws of Silence,  University of Arkansas Press); “Ceprano Man, Part IV” by dg nanouk okpik (from Corpse Whale, University of Arizona Press); and “Address” by Sohrab Sepehri (from The Oasis of Now, BOA Editions, Ltd.)

Playlist for 2/2:

Audio Saucepan: “The Pink Bangle Episode”

Jan 19, 2014

1/19/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Pink Bangle Episode” includes the poems “A Note on Silence” by Trey Moody (from Thought That Nature, Sarabande Books); “Parts for the Whole” by Kelli Anne Noftle (from I Was There for Your Somniloquy, Omnidawn); and “Dear Blackbird,” by Jane Springer (from Dear Blackbird, The University of Utah Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Grin Like a Fool Episode”

Jan 12, 2014

1/12/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Grin Like a Fool Episode” includes the poems “The Game of Zero” by John Colburn (from Psychedelic Norway, Coffee House Press); “Sonnet, with Tainted Love” by Sherman Alexie (from What I’ve Stolen, What I’ve Earned, Hanging Loose Press); and “The Girl on the Bullard Overpass” by Peter Everwine (from Listening Long and Late, University of Pittsburgh Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Cold Old Shadows Episode” includes the poems “First Morel” by Amy Fleury (from Sympathetic Magic, Southern Illinois Univrsity Press); “The Saw” by A. Sutzkever (from A. Sutzkever: Selected Poetry and Prose, University of California Press); and “A Shadow Beehive” by Rasheda White (first published in Ecotone, and found in Pushcart Prize XXXVIII).

12/29/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Episode that is Waiting for Harry” includes the poems “The Burial of a Friend” by Antonio Machado (from Times Alone, trans. Robert Bly, Wesleyan University Press); “A Common Incident” by Merimée Moffitt (from Making Little Edens); and “Waiting for Harry” by Gary Copeland Lilley (from The Subsequent Blues, Four Way Books)

12/22/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Teabag and Dried Mango Episode” includes the poems “Landscape of Night” by Tom Hennen (from Darkness Sticks to Everything, Copper Canyon Press); “Christmas” by Robert Lowell (from The Sorrow Psalms, University of Iowa Press); and “Naming Things” by Rick Campbell (from Dixmont, Autumn House Press)

12/8/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Barely Above a Whisper Episode” includes the poems “The Honor of Virtue” by Charles Bernstein (from Recalculating, University of Chicago Press); “The Golden Years” by Billy Collins (read by the author in Aimless Love, Random House Audio); and “Aware” by Denise Levertov (from The Collected Poems of Denise Levertov, New Directions Publishing)

Audio Saucepan: “The Do More of Less Episode”

Nov 10, 2013

11/10/13 — “The Do More of Less Episode” includes three poems: “Meditations of an Old Woman” (excerpt) by Theodore Roethke, (from Lament for the Makers, Counterpoint Press); “Coffin Not Included” by Keith Flynn (from Colony Collapse Disorder, Wings Press); and “Homage to My Hips” by Lucille Clifton (from 100 Best African American Poems, ed. Nikki Giovanni; Sourcebooks)

Audio Saucepan: “The Undomesticated Episode”

Oct 27, 2013

10/27/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Undomesticated Episode” includes the poems “Praise” by Ilya Kaminsky (from Musica Humana, Chapiteau Press); “Plan for a Year” by Robert Bly (from Stealing Sugar from the Castle, W.W. Norton & Co.); “Indian Song: Survival” by Leslie Marmon Silko (from Storyteller, Viking/Penguin)

Audio Saucepan: “The Coffee-Vein Episode”

Oct 20, 2013

10/20/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Coffee-Vein Episode” includes the poems “After Work” by Jeff Dolven (from Speculative Music, Sarabande Books); “Nominal Aphasia” by Fleur Adcock (from Glass Wings, Dufour Editions Inc.); and “Obituary for the Middle Class” by Bob Hicok (from Elegy Owed, Copper Canyon Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Moon Holes Episode”

Oct 13, 2013

10/13/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Moon Holes Episode” includes the poems “The Signature Mark of Autumn” by Gary Young (from The Place That Inhabits Us, Sixteen Rivers Press); “Guan Yin’s Treatise on Compassion” by Afaa Michael Weaver (from  The Government of Nature, University of Pittsburgh Press); and “Field of Diamonds in the Sky” by Noah Blaustein (from Flirt, University of New Mexico Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The No Potatoes Episode”

Oct 6, 2013


Audio Saucepan: “The No Potatoes Episode” includes the poems “Clown in the Moon” by Dylan Thomas (read by Carole Shelley, from In My Craft or Sullen Art, GPR Records); “For Anna Mae Pictou Aquash…” by Joy Harjo (with Poetic Justice, off the album Letter From the End of the Twentieth Century, Silver Wave Records); and “Prayer After Eating” by Wendell Berry (read by the author, from In Song and Shade: Celebrating Wendell Berry in Music, Yalecrest)

Audio Saucepan: “The Walk and Stop Episode”

Sep 29, 2013

9/29/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Walk and Stop Episode” includes the poems “Grackles” by Patricia Fargnoli (from Then, Something, Tupelo Press); “First Love” by Jeff Newport (from The dVerse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry, Plum White Press); “The Shadow” by Mahmoud Darwish (trans. Fady Joudah, from The Butterfly’s Burden, Copper Canyon Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Phil Episode”

Sep 22, 2013

9/22/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Phil Episode” includes three poems by Philip Levine: “What Work Is” from What Work Is (Alfred A. Knopf, 2009); “An Ordinary Morning” from Sweet Will (Prairie Lights Books, 2013; first published by Atheneum in 1985); and “Heaven” from Not This Pig (Wesleyan University Press, 1963).

9/8/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Rat-Gnawed Gloom Episode” includes the poems “World, 1981” by TJ Jarrett (from Ain’t No Grave, New Issues); “Ode to Gloom” by Pablo Neruda (translated by William Pitt Root, from Sublime Blue, Wings Press); and “The Angel Handed Me a Book” by Paul Valéry (translated by Carolyn Forché, from The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry, Ecco)

Audio Saucepan: “The Departing Episode”

Sep 1, 2013

9/1/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Departing Episode” includes the poems “A Drink of Water” by Seamus Heaney (from Field Work, Farrar, Straus and Giroux; “[Among the blossoms …] by Nathaniel Tarn (from The Beautiful Contradictions, New Directions Books); and “The Way the Cards Fall” by Yusef Komunyakaa (from Neon Vernacular, Wesleyan University Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Boats and Trains Episode”

Aug 25, 2013

8/25/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Boats and Trains Episode” includes the poems “Phattafacia Stupenda” by Adam Fitzgerald (from The Late Parade, W.W. Norton); “In Passing” by Bob Holman (from Sing This One Back to Me, Coffee House Press); and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” by Jeffrey Skinner (from Glaciology, Southern Illinois University Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Boyhood Episode”

Aug 18, 2013

8/18/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Boyhood Episode” includes the poems “Yolk” by Adrie Kusserow (from Refuge, BOA Editions, Ltd.); “The Poet at Seven” by Donald Justice (from Collected Poems, Alfred A. Knopf); and “In My Lifetime” by Mai Mang (from New Cathay: Contemporary Chinese Poetry, Tupelo Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Episode About Things”

Aug 11, 2013

Audio Saucepan: “The Episode About Things” includes the poems “Praise Nothing” by Joshua Robbins (from Praise Nothing, The University of Arkansas Press); “Heroine as She Turns to Face Me” by Mary Szybist (from Incarnadine, Graywolf Press); and “Facts About Things”   W.N. Herbert (from Omnesia, Bloodaxe Books)

7/21/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Possible Rental Car Episode” includes a Quechua poem (from Technicians of the Sacred, University of California Press); the poem “Dragging the Lake, VIII” by Robert Thomas (from Dragging the Lake, Carnegie Mellon University Press); “Sunday, Sunday” by Jaswinder Bolina (from Phantom Camera, New Issues Poetry & Prose)