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Sunday from 6:00 to 7:00 PM MST

Audio Saucepan is a carefully sculpted, one-hour journey through jazz, classical, blues, spirituals and world music interwoven with interpretive poetry readings and recorded words. A joyous potluck of reason and tempo. Gourmet sounds for your ears and mind. A show designed to make your weekend end well.

You may listen to each episode for 2 weeks following the airdate. The 2-week archive is available at


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Audio Saucepan: “The Fatherly Episode”

Feb 23, 2014

2/23/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Fatherly Episode” includes the poems “Fourteen Lines” by Fleda Brown (from No Need for Sympathy, BOA Editions, Ltd.); “Persimmon” by Nick McRae (from Mountain Redemption, Black Lawrence Press); and “The Heart” by David Keplinger (from The Most Natural Thing, New Issues)

Playlist for 2/23: 

Audio Saucepan: “The Shiatsu Overdose Episode”

Feb 16, 2014

2/16/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Shiatsu Overdose Episode” includes the poems “The Best Seven Minutes of My Life” by Lorna Dee Cervantes (from Sueño, Wings Press); “The Pilgrim is Bridled and Bespectacled” by Bridget Lowe (from At The Autopsy of Vaslav Nijinsky, Carnegie Mellon University Press); and “May the Word Run Swiftly” by Tania Runyan (from Second Sky, Cascade Books).

Playlist for 2/16:

2/9/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Episode Disguised as a Gentleman” includes poems by Barbara Tran (from In the Mynah Bird’s Own Words, Tupelo Press) and “Aunt Lillian” by Bart Schneider (from Morning Opera, Kelly’s Cove Press), and “How the Water Feels to the Fishes,” a flash fiction piece by Dave Eggers (from One Hundred and Forty Five Stories in a Small Box, McSweeney’s)

Playlist for 2/9:

2/2/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Myth of the Earth Episode” includes the poems “Staff Sgt. Metz” by Dorianne Laux (from Breaking the Jaws of Silence,  University of Arkansas Press); “Ceprano Man, Part IV” by dg nanouk okpik (from Corpse Whale, University of Arizona Press); and “Address” by Sohrab Sepehri (from The Oasis of Now, BOA Editions, Ltd.)

Playlist for 2/2:

Audio Saucepan: “The Pink Bangle Episode”

Jan 19, 2014

1/19/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Pink Bangle Episode” includes the poems “A Note on Silence” by Trey Moody (from Thought That Nature, Sarabande Books); “Parts for the Whole” by Kelli Anne Noftle (from I Was There for Your Somniloquy, Omnidawn); and “Dear Blackbird,” by Jane Springer (from Dear Blackbird, The University of Utah Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Grin Like a Fool Episode”

Jan 12, 2014

1/12/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Grin Like a Fool Episode” includes the poems “The Game of Zero” by John Colburn (from Psychedelic Norway, Coffee House Press); “Sonnet, with Tainted Love” by Sherman Alexie (from What I’ve Stolen, What I’ve Earned, Hanging Loose Press); and “The Girl on the Bullard Overpass” by Peter Everwine (from Listening Long and Late, University of Pittsburgh Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Cold Old Shadows Episode” includes the poems “First Morel” by Amy Fleury (from Sympathetic Magic, Southern Illinois Univrsity Press); “The Saw” by A. Sutzkever (from A. Sutzkever: Selected Poetry and Prose, University of California Press); and “A Shadow Beehive” by Rasheda White (first published in Ecotone, and found in Pushcart Prize XXXVIII).

12/29/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Episode that is Waiting for Harry” includes the poems “The Burial of a Friend” by Antonio Machado (from Times Alone, trans. Robert Bly, Wesleyan University Press); “A Common Incident” by Merimée Moffitt (from Making Little Edens); and “Waiting for Harry” by Gary Copeland Lilley (from The Subsequent Blues, Four Way Books)

12/22/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Teabag and Dried Mango Episode” includes the poems “Landscape of Night” by Tom Hennen (from Darkness Sticks to Everything, Copper Canyon Press); “Christmas” by Robert Lowell (from The Sorrow Psalms, University of Iowa Press); and “Naming Things” by Rick Campbell (from Dixmont, Autumn House Press)

12/8/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Barely Above a Whisper Episode” includes the poems “The Honor of Virtue” by Charles Bernstein (from Recalculating, University of Chicago Press); “The Golden Years” by Billy Collins (read by the author in Aimless Love, Random House Audio); and “Aware” by Denise Levertov (from The Collected Poems of Denise Levertov, New Directions Publishing)

Audio Saucepan: “The Do More of Less Episode”

Nov 10, 2013

11/10/13 — “The Do More of Less Episode” includes three poems: “Meditations of an Old Woman” (excerpt) by Theodore Roethke, (from Lament for the Makers, Counterpoint Press); “Coffin Not Included” by Keith Flynn (from Colony Collapse Disorder, Wings Press); and “Homage to My Hips” by Lucille Clifton (from 100 Best African American Poems, ed. Nikki Giovanni; Sourcebooks)

Audio Saucepan: “The Undomesticated Episode”

Oct 27, 2013

10/27/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Undomesticated Episode” includes the poems “Praise” by Ilya Kaminsky (from Musica Humana, Chapiteau Press); “Plan for a Year” by Robert Bly (from Stealing Sugar from the Castle, W.W. Norton & Co.); “Indian Song: Survival” by Leslie Marmon Silko (from Storyteller, Viking/Penguin)

Audio Saucepan: “The Coffee-Vein Episode”

Oct 20, 2013

10/20/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Coffee-Vein Episode” includes the poems “After Work” by Jeff Dolven (from Speculative Music, Sarabande Books); “Nominal Aphasia” by Fleur Adcock (from Glass Wings, Dufour Editions Inc.); and “Obituary for the Middle Class” by Bob Hicok (from Elegy Owed, Copper Canyon Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Moon Holes Episode”

Oct 13, 2013

10/13/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Moon Holes Episode” includes the poems “The Signature Mark of Autumn” by Gary Young (from The Place That Inhabits Us, Sixteen Rivers Press); “Guan Yin’s Treatise on Compassion” by Afaa Michael Weaver (from  The Government of Nature, University of Pittsburgh Press); and “Field of Diamonds in the Sky” by Noah Blaustein (from Flirt, University of New Mexico Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The No Potatoes Episode”

Oct 6, 2013


Audio Saucepan: “The No Potatoes Episode” includes the poems “Clown in the Moon” by Dylan Thomas (read by Carole Shelley, from In My Craft or Sullen Art, GPR Records); “For Anna Mae Pictou Aquash…” by Joy Harjo (with Poetic Justice, off the album Letter From the End of the Twentieth Century, Silver Wave Records); and “Prayer After Eating” by Wendell Berry (read by the author, from In Song and Shade: Celebrating Wendell Berry in Music, Yalecrest)

Audio Saucepan: “The Walk and Stop Episode”

Sep 29, 2013

9/29/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Walk and Stop Episode” includes the poems “Grackles” by Patricia Fargnoli (from Then, Something, Tupelo Press); “First Love” by Jeff Newport (from The dVerse Anthology: Voices of Contemporary World Poetry, Plum White Press); “The Shadow” by Mahmoud Darwish (trans. Fady Joudah, from The Butterfly’s Burden, Copper Canyon Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Phil Episode”

Sep 22, 2013

9/22/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Phil Episode” includes three poems by Philip Levine: “What Work Is” from What Work Is (Alfred A. Knopf, 2009); “An Ordinary Morning” from Sweet Will (Prairie Lights Books, 2013; first published by Atheneum in 1985); and “Heaven” from Not This Pig (Wesleyan University Press, 1963).

9/8/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Rat-Gnawed Gloom Episode” includes the poems “World, 1981” by TJ Jarrett (from Ain’t No Grave, New Issues); “Ode to Gloom” by Pablo Neruda (translated by William Pitt Root, from Sublime Blue, Wings Press); and “The Angel Handed Me a Book” by Paul Valéry (translated by Carolyn Forché, from The Ecco Anthology of International Poetry, Ecco)

Audio Saucepan: “The Departing Episode”

Sep 1, 2013

9/1/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Departing Episode” includes the poems “A Drink of Water” by Seamus Heaney (from Field Work, Farrar, Straus and Giroux; “[Among the blossoms …] by Nathaniel Tarn (from The Beautiful Contradictions, New Directions Books); and “The Way the Cards Fall” by Yusef Komunyakaa (from Neon Vernacular, Wesleyan University Press)

Audio Saucepan: “The Boats and Trains Episode”

Aug 25, 2013

8/25/13 — Audio Saucepan: “The Boats and Trains Episode” includes the poems “Phattafacia Stupenda” by Adam Fitzgerald (from The Late Parade, W.W. Norton); “In Passing” by Bob Holman (from Sing This One Back to Me, Coffee House Press); and “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” by Jeffrey Skinner (from Glaciology, Southern Illinois University Press)