This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY July 17 - All those recent articles on President Trump’s options in the face of North Korea’s test flight of a missile capable of hitting Alaska, were anticipated and excelled in Mark Bowden’s Atlantic Magazine analysis.  Bottom line: none of the options is good.

TUESDAY July 18 - I’m an old guy.  I love my Medicare.  But for my oral health, I’m on my own.  Why is that? and how does it explain the inequality of America’s dental care?  Mary Otto, the author of an excellent new book called Teeth, knows the answers and the history behind them.

WEDNESDAY July 19 - On the surface, where most real property and rivers and streams are found, the border between Mexico and the United States has begotten volumes of lows, rule and codes. But Lauren Villagran, now of Search Light NM, just did a 5 part series of the ABQ Journal on absence of rules and treaties for underground water.  Big problem. 

THURSDAY July 20 - Dave talks to CGTN’s correspondent Tony Cheng from Mosul with a report on conditions in the biggest city in Northern Iraq after the defeat of ISIS in it’s former Iraqi capitol.