This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY August 14 - It’s back-to-school time, and after a summer of budget cuts, job cuts and new assignments, school teachers, staff and administrators will have a tough time matching the bright first-day smiles on their students faces.  But Dr. Veronica Garcia, Superintendent of Schools in Santa Fe says she’s looking forward to the academic year ahead

TUESDAY August 15 - Thomas Brennan of The War Horse.com broke the story of the cyber-stalking by male US Marines of female US Marines, and revealed a command that had been asleep at the switch.  Our guest Elliot Ackerman, who fought alongside Thomas Brennan as Marines in Fallujah, Iraq, has taken Thomas’s reporting a big step further.

WEDNESDAY August 16 - In 2016 voters in New Mexico rejected Donald Trump, and rejected Republican Governor Susana Martinez’ 6 years of austerity.  Neither rejection worked.  In Kansas, in 2017, Republican Governor Sam Brownback’s State austerity program was rolled back by his own party.  Kim Rueben of The Brookings Tax Policy Center at the Urban Institute explains what happened.

THURSDAY August 17 - The pattern is clear.  The Justice Department files criminal charges against some of the biggest financial institutions on Wall Street, and winds up settling for money taken from innocent shareholders, while letting the people responsible for the scams that helped crash the economy go unpunished.  Pulitzer Prize winner Jesse Eisinger’s new book The Chickenshit Club shows – this injustice is no accident