This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY May 22 - New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez offered nosuggestions during the State Legislature’s 60 day regular session earlier this year, but now she’s demanding a Special Session enact a full-scale overhaul of the budget-making process.  Milan Simonich on the Santa Fe New Mexican warns that’s an awfully big job for such a short session

TUESDAY May 23 - In California’s Central Valley, America’s most productive food-producing region, there is widespread fear of President Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants.  Workers fear deportation, breaking families apart; farmers wonder who will harvest their crops.  Journalist Lauren Markham has talked with the migrants and their bosses. 

WEDNESDAY May 24 - The first round of France’s Presidential elections saw an almost perfect 4-way split in the votes.  But in the second round, the centrist candidate Emmanuel Marcon defeated the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen by a 3-2 margin.  What are the implications for France’s future?  Former 60 Minutes producer Barry Lando, a longtime resident of Paris has some ideas

THURSDAY May 25 - First, Sallyport, a major US military contractor in Iraq hired two investigators to check out operations there.  The investigators found evidence of security violations, alcohol smuggling, theft of U.S. government equipment and sex trafficking, which, investigative reporter Desmond Butler of the Associated Press got them fired and their report buried.