This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY  Dec. 11 - First the Department of Justice closes down the privately-run Cibola County Correctional Facility after 3 inmates die.  Then The Department of Homeland security reopens it as a detention center for ICE.  Sarah Macaraeg of Reveal and NM In Depth on what happened in between…one secret negotiation, one no-bid contract, and little State or public scrutiny

TUESDAY Dec. 12 - Most people think of Equifax as a credit rating company, but actually it’s real source of income is data collected about you and then sold to their real customers.  Many worry that Equifax knows and collects too much.  And that was before Equifax was hacked and data about 153 million people were stolen.  Sina Beaghley, cyber-security analyst from the RAND Corporation discusses the story in depth.

WEDNESDAY  Dec. 13 – Here and There is preempted by a live broadcast of the Santa Fe City Council Meeting.

THURSDAY Dec. 14 - In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson drove through Congress new laws that changed the rules for voting rights and immigration. Together the 2 laws seriously changed American politics. Now, 52 years later, political analyst Steve Phillips argues, people of color and White progressives could comprise a New American Majority