This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY July 16 - We start our program week, with President Donald Trump’s trade war.  Who are supposed to be the beneficiaries of Trump’s economic belligerence, and who in America care already among the casualties.  Ali Velshi, the chief economic correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC looks at the story, in depth. 


TUESDAY July 17 - The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, personal and published, and freedoms of assembly and religion.  Now a new Supreme Court decision extends First Amendment protections to people who won’t join and don’t want to pay into their workplace’s labor union.  Noam Scheiber of the NY Times covered the Janus vs AFSCME case.


WEDNESDAY July 18 - Although there are still a few pockets of resistance in Syria, the Islamic State has largely been defeated, and its ability to be a base for large-scale terrorism has been sharply reduced.  But Brian Michael Jenkins of the RAND corporation says that has only re-shaped, not eliminated terrorist  threats.  So how should America respond? 


THURSDAY July 19 - Jeffrey Wilson wanted a Wise Man’s view of today’s American political reality, so he conducted an interview with the scholar-activist Noam Chomsky; and he wanted to communicate what he learned to an audience that might never read Chomsky’s books.  So he turned his interview and some reality-testing of it in a graphic novel-style book The Instinct for Cooperation.