This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY April 24 - Let’s face it, American healthcare is a mess.  It costs us more and gives us less than most citizens get in every other First World country. And most of what’s been proposed by President Trump and the deadlocked Republicans in Congress will only make things worse.  NBC News Chief Business Correspondent and MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi sorts things out.

TUESDAY April 25 - The US has dropped its biggest non-nuclear bomb on Islamic State hideouts in Afghanistan.  Will it make a difference?  And for whom? Journalist, author and aid worker Will Everett on a country in which most of the young people want just one thing, a way out.  Is this any place to build a future?

WEDNESDAY April 26 – Here and There is preempted by a live broadcast of the Santa Fe City Council Meeting

THURSDAY April 27 - It looks like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won the referendum to restructure government to give him dictatorial powers.  But the vote was close and tainted by more than a million bad ballots his supporters managed to get counted. Turkish-American journalist and scholar Pinar Tremblay sees trouble ahead.