This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY Sep. 18 - When 27% of those arrested in an ATF anti-crime campaign are African American in a city where African-Amwericans make up 3% of the population, is that evidence of racial profiling and racial bias? One Federal judge sees hints in one case…ABQ investigative reporter Jeff Proctor who broke the story has the story in depth on HERE & THERE.

TUESDAY Sep. 19 - The last time the US Border Patrol went on a hiring spree, standards were lowered, training was cut short, Spanish skills were neglected, and the results were a catastrophe.  Now, Ron Nixon of the NY Times reports, the Border Patrol hiring campaign has a new focus, radically reformed training and a heavy emphasis on language skills.

WEDNESDAY Sep. 20 - It will soon be 5 years since French troops landed in Mali, to help the government fend off Islamist militias which had seized the northern third of the country.  The Islamists have been pushed back, but ethnic tensions continue, the government is still pathetic, and the French are still on duty.  Michael Shurkin of the RAND Corporation has an in depth look at trouble in Mali.

THURSDAY Sep. 21 - A US Marine is wounded and a Reuters photographer captures what happened.  Years later, both are still alive, both are back home, and both are struggling to transition to something different from combat.  Thomas Brennan, the ex-marine and Finbarr O’Reilly, the photographer has written a fine book SHOOTING GHOSTS about how their friendship helped change their lives