This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY, May 14 -  President Donald Trump withdraws from the multi-national nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, rejecting pleas from our closest allies and sending Kim Jong Un to Beijing for Chinese advice on the implications for his own negotiations with the US leader.  Joseph Cirincione of the Ploughshares Fund on nuclear brinksmanship and diplomacy.

TUESDAY, May 15 -  According to Attorney General Jeff Sessions the threat to our southern border is so great that families who used to be simply deported will now be prosecuted with adults and their children forcibly separated for months at a time, and President Trump has sent the National Guard to the border.  Desert Sage Algernon D’Ammassa of the Deming Headlight with the view from the border.  

WEDNESDAY, May 16 -  The Conservative Republicans of the Nixon era, who created the OSHA system were sure to include stakeholder participation through advisory boards.  Now the radical-conservatives of the Trump era have knocked them out, and may some workplace health and safety protections as well.  Rebecca Moss of the New Mexican and ProPublica tells the story.

THURSDAY, May 17 -  Donald Trump keeps saying he wants to be Vladimir Putin’s friend, but Trump’s renunciation of the nuclear arms agreement with Iran won’t help the relationship, and neither will Israeli attacks on Iranian forces fighting on Russia’s side in Syria.  Scholar-analyst Stephen F. Cohen of The Nation on why the US and Russia aren’t getting along.