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MONDAY June 26 - A recent series of terrorist attacks in London and Manchester in the United Kingdom, like attacks in the United States in the past several years, appear to be the work of “lone wolves,” operating independently of any Islamic State or Al Qaeda management or networking.  They are what RAND Corporation Terrorism analyst Brian Michael Jenkins calls “pure terrorism.”

TUESDAY June 27 - In the Middle East, the United States says it has only one mission – to defeat Islamic State terrorism.  But most of our allies in the region, who did almost all of the actual fighting have several different agendas, including says Pulitzer Prize winning foreign correspondent Roy Gutman, fighting small-scale but deadly wars among themselves.

WEDNESDAY June 28 – Here and There is preempted by a live broadcast of the Santa Fe City Council Meeting

THURSDAY June 29 - One complication of the war to oust the Islamic State from Iraq has been the behavior of often-Iranian-trained Shi’ite militias.  They’ve frequently been accused of abusing, torturing, even killing innocent Sunni civilians.  That’s why they’ve been excluded from the Battle for Mosul. Kenneth R. Rosen of the NY Times spent time recently with one Shi’ite militia fighting in the desert west of the city