This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY  Mar. 20 - A cult is defined as an isolated or at last separated community with a charismatic leader.  America is full of them, some good, some bad.  Pulitzer Prize-winning AP investigative reporter Mitch Weiss reveals how The North Carolina-based Word of Faith fellowship was turned into an abusive prison camp

TUESDAY Mar. 21 -  Northwest New Mexico is marked by the biggest methane plume in North America.  The Obama Administration’s EPA enacted rules to make oil and gas producers reduce their emissions of methane into the atmosphere, but now Laura Paskus of the New Mexico Political Report tells us the Trump EPA is rolling back the rules.

WEDNESDAY Mar. 22 - Even the former head of New Mexico’s Department of Corrections admits, he found 2 days of solitary confinement to have been a devastating experience, but most days hundreds of prisoners in state and county lock-ups are kept in solitary for weeks and months at a time. Investigative reporter Jeff Proctor of NM In Depth and the Santa Fe Reporter has more

THURSDAY Mar. 23 - The American Southwest is full of animal species struggling against extinction.  The chances of survival of the jaguar, the ocelot and the Mexican Grey Wolf will almost certainly be made worse by President Trump’s planned 1954 mile wall on the US-Mexico border. Bryan Bird of Defenders of Wildlife explains why