Sugary Drink Tax Debate: Dr. Stefanie Beninato vs. Judge Michael Vigil

Apr 20, 2017

Dr. Stefanie Beninato and retired District Judge Michael Vigil.

As the sugary drinks tax proposal to fund pre-K education in Santa Fe edges toward a vote on May 2, more and more individual voices on both sides of the issue are weighing in with their concerns.

Dr. Stefanie Beninato and retired 1st District Judge Michael Vigil have both written columns as private citizens addressing the issue: Dr. Beninato's "Support Pre-K; Oppose Sugary Drinks Tax" appeared in the New Mexican April 9, and Judge Vigil's "Soda Tax to Fund Pre-K is a Win-Win Solution" ran in the Journal on March 31.

Dr. Beninato and Judge Vigil joined us in the studio to debate the proposed tax, with Judge Vigil representing the pro side and Dr. Beninato the con side.