In the Studio: Adam "JoyceGeek" Harvey

Jun 16, 2017

As our more literarily inclined listeners know, June 16 is Bloomsday, a celebration of the Irish writer James Joyce, whose seminal novel Ulysses chronicles the experience on this very summer date in 1904 of fictitious Dubliner Leopold Bloom.

To help me go deeper into the manic mind of the author, KSFR's Dylan Syverson enlisted the help of Santa Fe's foremost James Joyce expert. Adam Harvey, a.k.a. the JoyceGeek, is creator of the one-man show DON'T PANIC: it's only Finnegans Wake and host of the JoyceGroup discussion circle held every Saturday at St. Johns College. Tonight at 8 pm, he'll be hosting the Bloomsday festivities at the Jean Cocteau.