Santa Fe Voters Shut Down Soda Tax

May 3, 2017

Nearly 60% of votes landed against the sugary drinks tax measure.

In the wake of Santa Fe voters' rejection of a 2-cent-an-ounce sugary drinks tax, we sought reactions and ideas from activists who campaigned on either side of the issue.

We spoke to Loveless Johnson III of Smart Progress New Mexico, a PAC which opposed the tax measure.

We had also planned to hear from Pre-K for Santa Fe, the pro-tax PAC, but they did not answer calls at air time. They released this public statement last night:

"Now that the campaign has ended, we hope proponents and opponents alike join together to fight with the same passion and energy for Pre-K for Santa Fe’s children. The need is great. The time was not now. But the longer we wait, the more children will be left behind. To those who believed that there was a better way to fund Pre-K: we hope you will work hard to find that funding source. To those who supported the Soda Tax, we urge you to keep working hard for Pre-K and against the Soda Industry’s unhealthy beverages."