Nov. 30 - Celebrating Small Business Saturday at Santa Fe's Big Adventure Comics

Nov 30, 2015

Convincing people to shop at small, local businesses where money is re-circulated in the community rather than out-of-state mega-stores which export capital, is a main goal behind the annual ‘Small Business Saturday’ event.  According to the American Independent Business Alliance, almost 50-percent of the money spent on purchases at local businesses is re-circulated locally, while less than 14-percent of purchases at chain stores stay within the community.


Here in Santa Fe, this past Saturday’s specially-designated shopping day attracted Senator Tom Udall and Mayor Javier Gonzales to the Big Adventure Comics store on Cerrillos Road to highlight the power of small firms. Big Adventure’s owner, Kevin Drennan, says he bought the store five years ago after working with the shops’ previous ownership.