May 14 First News: SF Police say city burglaries are at a 10 year low. (listen)

Santa Fe police say they have achieved a first in the department's history. They eliminated four major drug trafficking organizations over the past 10 months. That has helped bring the burglary rate in the city to a ten-year low. There were fewer than 90 burglaries in the city in April, the least since they started keeping monthly records.  Last year, the month of April saw nearly twice that number.

Santa Fe county commissioners will consider a proposal to build what's called a community solar-power system when they meet today. Commissioner Kathy Holian says the plan would allow residents to buy into a large solar array as an alternative to installing individual systems. *** The plan hinges on cooperation from the city, PNM and the Public Regulation Commission. No details on cost are available yet.

Members of the Santa Fe school board are considering a budget for next year that equals $90 million. The plan just barely meets expenses and won't provide for more than a one-percent pay raise for teachers and workers.  The New Mexican says the board will vote on the budget on May 23rd, following a public meeting on the issue this coming Saturday.  

A man linked to two Santa Fe killings last year in an Alameda street neighborhood has been sentenced to six years in a plea deal on felony charges. Sam Leyba has already been incarcerated for more than a year and Monday's hearing suspends some 3-and-a-half years of jail time. Leyba was charged with tampering with evidence and receiving stolen property related to the murder of Ethaan Boyer, a local artist and the killing of David Martinez. Under terms of the plea deal, Leyba could face further charges if evidence is discovered that he played a more active role in the murders.

Three southside Santa Fe eateries have been cited for illegally serving alcohol to minors after a sting operation. Law enforcement sent out minors trained for the exercise to 14 establishments. Staff at the Ranch House, the Santa Fe Capitol Grill and Cleopatra Café violated the law with the District Attorney's office now reviewing the incidents for prosecution.

The city is drawing attention to five new, recently-installed traffic signals along Cerrillos Road in hopes of improving traffic flow.  Some left-hand turn lanes now have a flashing yellow arrow indicating motorists may legally turn even when the opposing lane has a green light. The flashing yellow arrow indicates to proceed with caution after yielding to pedestrians and oncoming traffic.

The Santa Fe National Forest and the Valles Caldera National Preserve are under Stage 1 fire restrictions as of today. Campfires and all other sources of ignition are banned except in developed campgrounds. Popular local areas in the restricted zones include the Big Tesuque Campground and the Aspen Vista Picnic Area.

Weather for Santa Fe – Mostly sunny today and Wednesday with highs in the upper 70s. A 10% chance for an afternoon shower today, 20% tomorrow.  Overnight lows in the low 50s.