June 26 First News: Santa Fe Police Investigating Hwy 599 Rail Runner Station Crime Spree (Listen)

Jun 26, 2014

Santa Fe Police are investigating criminal damage, vandalism and burglary to numerous cars  at the Highway 599 Rail Runner station parking lot. They say 26 cars either had windows damaged or tires slashed and seven batteries were stolen from vehicles. Santa Fe Police spokeswoman Celina Espinoza: *****062614-Espinoza-2 (q: off of those):17***** Investigators believe the damage was done sometime late Tuesday or early Wednesday. Officers were called to the scene after a victim noticed the damage around 6:45 a.m. Wednesday.

Santa Fe City Councilors have approved a renewed version of the ‘People to the Plaza’ initiative. Mayor Javier Gonzales, who proposed the resolution, asked City staff to collaborate with the public and open the door for more ideas through a community dialogue on bringing people to the Plaza. Gonzales says the Council’s action, quote, “gives us the green light to build an experience for all Santa Fe families.” Under the plan, auto traffic will be restricted on two of the Plaza’s surrounding streets.

New Mexico Early Education United, an American Federation of Teachers affiliate, is troubled with the Children, Youth and Families Department’s proposed funding levels for early Education. CYFD discussed its efforts to improve early education in the state last week. But Early Education United points out that since 2010 the numbers of kids who have access to early education centers via the CYFD’s subsidy program for low income and working families has plummeted. The group wants the state to take an additional one-percent from the State Land Grant Permanent Fund, and has worked in past years towards amending the State Constitution to do so. Early Education United calls the Fund the “elephant in the room.” Board member Jay Bainbridge: *****062614-Bainbridge-1 (q: point eight million dollars) :16***** Jay Bainbridge with New Mexico Early Education United.

This week, The Santa Fe Historic District Review Board rejected a proposal from AT&T to build a 64-foot cellphone tower. The tower would have been at the intersection of St. Francis and Alameda, just near Gonzalez Elementary school. KSFR’s Shannon Latham has more:

*****OUT: I’m Shannon Latham  RUNS: 1:17*****

TEXT: According to Nicole de Jurenev, President of La Nueva Casa Solana Neighborhood Association, the proposal failed because of AT&T’s weak argument and the strong opposition. “AT&T was asleep at the switch and they didn’t get with the broadwidth, so what they’ve got is line of sight and short, um, hookups. So they need a lot of antennae.  And then there was the fact that we put on a really strong opposition. 25, 30 people talked. And of that only 2 were for the um, cell tower.”   Concerns ranged from the aesthetic impact the tower would have on Santa Fe’s views, to alleged health and safety hazards.  Nicole adds,  “We don’t want people to die. Ugly is one thing, death is another.” The issue to allow the cell tower may not be over. Although no decision has been made, AT&T will “likely” file an appeal with the City Council.  For KSFR, I’m Shannon Latham.

 A New Mexico state representative says a federal facility in Artesia that will temporarily house immigrants suspected of entering the country illegally will encourage rather than deter immigration. State Representative Candy Spence Ezzell says the rooms are nice and packed with televisions and toys. The Republican questioned that use of federal dollars at a time when veterans aren't getting proper health care.

The manufacturer of the lapel camera an Albuquerque police officer was wearing during a fatal shooting can't conclusively say why video wasn't recorded. Officer Jeremy Dear was involved in an April 21st chase with 19-year-old Mary Hawkes, who was suspected of stealing a truck. Taser International officials said Wednesday that they don't know if Dear failed to record the incident or if a power connector on the lapel camera failed.

Santa Fe Weather: Sunny today with a high of 89. Tonight: Partly cloudy with a low of 59. Tomorrow: Mostly sunny with a high of 86.