June 21First News: Santa Fe National Forest to close

Jun 21, 2013

  No visitors anywhere in the Santa Fe National Forest beginning Monday morning. Denise Ottaviano at forest headquarters says conditions are bone dry. The Valles Caldera is also closed to the public except for the Valle Grande Staging area and gift shop. 

Operators of the Legal Tender restaurant in Lamy are making plans to reopen the popular spot at the Lamy museum. A district court judge in the dispute between the restaurant and the museum has ruled that the two sides must reappear in court for a full trial over the issue. But in the meantime, he says the restaurant will be allowed to reopen as soon as the operators are ready.  The board of the museum had ordered the restaurant closed at the end of May over questions about finances and the amount of space the restaurant takes up.

The Albuquerque water authority is getting serious about conservation. They’re offering  customers a 50 percent reduction in their water bills for using less than 5,000 gallons a month.  Customers who use more will see a 5 percent increase in their bills. 

Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Senate appear to be reaching agreement on the hotly debated immigration bill. Support is growing for a bill that includes more border fencing and more border guards. Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico says the path to citizenship for immigrants would also be an economic boost.

Weatherr: Sunny, dry and hot with highs in the 90s.