Judge Singleton Issues a CPO; Plus An Update in Ex-Priest John Feit's Murder Trial

Jun 12, 2017

Last Friday afternoon in Santa Fe, First Judicial District Court judge Sarah Singleton ruled on a Confidentiality and Protective Order — a CPO for short — that  the Archdiocese of Santa Fe was seeking to govern discovery proceedings in a lawsuit brought against it by seven John Doe plaintiffs last December. The suit by the plaintiffs names the Archdiocese and Our Lady of Sorrows church in Las Vegas. The suit alleges that Monsignor Hubert Lomme who was a priest at Our Lady of Sorrows sexually abused the seven pre-teen boys from 1959 to 1964.

We asked Archdiocese attorney Robert Warburton for comment after the ruling but he declined. Paul Linnenburger of Rothstein Donatelli- the lawyer for the John Doe plaintiffs —  had this to say.

Then we reached Erik de la Garza of Courthouse News Service on the phone from San Antonio to update us on pretrial developments concerning John Feit, a former priest.