January 28th First News: Santa Fe County Holds Hearing Tonight on Living Wage (Listen)

Jan 28, 2014


If you live in the unincorporated area of Santa Fe County and earn the minimum wage, you might be in for a raise soon. The County Commission tonight holds its first public hearing on a living-wage proposal sponsored by Commissioners Miguel Chavez and Liz Stefanics. Their proposal would boost the minimum wage in Santa Fe County from the current seven-fifty an hour to ten-fifty. The ordinance provides for annual adjustments to be made based on the federal consumer price index.


Santa Fe Police say at least two local residents have reported a scam where a man calling himself either Charles Martin or Charles Martinez calls and informs them there’s a warrant out for their arrest. SFPD’s Celina Westervelt: *****0128-Westervelt-2  :25***** Westervelt says both victims wisely hung up and called police. She reminds all that Santa Fe Police will never ask for money, that legal financial transactions are handled by the courts.


Because China offers universities a prospective pool of students as large as the U-S population, the University of New Mexico has opened a recruitment office in Beijing. That's where UNM President Robert Frank is this week, along with a contingent of UNM officials. Mary Anne Saunders of UNM's Global Education Office says, quote, “The reality of higher education today is that we are competing in a global market and the competition has never been fiercer.”  Saunders concedes UNM is way behind in efforts to establish itself in China, but she notes that having the school's president visit makes a big impression.


One of the bills sponsored by Representative Carl Trujillo of Santa Fe seeks to add 250-thousand dollars to the state's Animal Care and Facility Fund support spaying and neutering efforts. The Democrat explains: *****Trujillo-2  :29***** Trujillo says House Bill 20 will be heard before the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee Thursday afternoon. He says he's been receiving positive comments from constituents on the measure.


A bill introduced in the New Mexico Legislature would impose government oversight of art auction houses and change the way some do business. Senator Tim Keller tells the New Mexican that his bill is a response to reports of questionable auction practices that distort prices for expensive pieces of art.


The U.S. Supreme Court says Texas can proceed with its lawsuit against New Mexico over management of water from the Rio Grande. New Mexico Attorney General Gary King says he's looking forward to telling New Mexico's side of the story. The court has given the state 60 days to file a motion to dismiss the case.


Santa Fe Weather: Mostly sunny today, with a high near 39. Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a low around 19. Tomorrow: Sunny, with a high near 49.