Dec. 10 First News: Santa Fe County Commissioners Consider New Development Code. (Listen)

  Adoption of a sustainable land development code is an item before the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners later today. The draft document includes a growth management element requiring developers to determine whether existing public facilities and services are adequate to support their developments. Commissioners will also consider a resolution supporting legislation to prohibit the sale of E-cigarettes to minors.


Santa Fe is becoming the second city in the nation to utilize the so-called LEAD program--or law-enforcement assisted diversion program. The effort targets repeat drug-addicted property crime offenders and offers a wide range of services, including counseling and job training to end the cycle of arrest, release and re-arrest. SFPD spokeswoman Celina Westervelt says the city of Seattle’s implementation of LEAD showed potential cost efficiencies for local taxpayers and adds SFPD is ready to give it a try. *****Dec. 10 LEAD-1  :09***** The Santa Fe City Council has provided the LEAD program 300-thousand dollars over the next two fiscal years.


New Mexico’s lottery scholarship is running out of money and the Martinez administration is asking state lawmakers to use general fund dollars to reinforce the program. State Higher Education Secretary Jose Garcia says the scholarship could be in as much as 20-million dollars short of demand. Thousands of state college and university students statewide take advantage of the program that assists qualifying students with tuition money.


Martinez administration officials say the state will have nearly 600-million dollars available next fiscal year for statewide capital improvement projects. The so-called ‘pork’ projects are funded from general obligation and severance tax funds. Other bond fund sources fund improvements to public schools and water projects.


Now that Walk Santa Fe’s November-long effort to connect the downtown Plaza and Railyard for pedestrians with signs and “ambassadors” is over, the group is compiling data and working on a proposal to be presented to city leaders next year. Katelyn Peer, who’s coordinated the walk effort through Creative Santa Fe, highlights two suggestions:*****Dec. 9 Peer-1 :15***** Walk Santa Fe continues to collect feedback, signatures and testimonials through March.


A plan to allow unconstrained public access to the Valles Caldera National Preserve has been shelved for now. The Albuquerque Journal reports that Valles Caldera Trust Board chairman Kent Salazar made the announcement last week, amid concerns that Indian tribes and pueblos weren't consulted on the plan. Salazar says tribal consent, review of endangered species, cultural resources, and habitat protection also needs to be considered before opening-up the Preserve.


Santa Fe Weather: Today: Mostly sunny, with a high near 29. Tonight: Clear, with a low around 9.Tomorrow: Sunny, with a high near 33.