As The Big Lebowski Turns 19, A Celebration of the Dude -- and the Zen Master

Mar 6, 2017

March 6 th week marks the 19th anniversary of the release of The Big Lebowski. the Coen brothers’ masterwork.  More recently a book-- The Dude and the Zen Master — took the form of a conversation between Jeff Bridges — the Dude — and Zen Master Bernie Glassman.  Jeff Bridges once raided the Golden Globes leftover catering and delivered it to LA’s homeless. That was maybe the most performative gesture of his work as an anti hunger activist that he began back in 1983. Here he is with Bernie Glassman a founder of Zen Peacemakers. Zen Peacemakers teaches the three tenets that include “an ever enlarging circle of influence through social action…”

Jeff Bridges (left) with Zen Master Bernie Glassman of Zen Peacemakers