August 9 First News:SF City Councilor Wurburger joins mayoral race. (listen)

Ending weeks of speculation, Santa Fe City Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger has officially declared her candidacy for mayor in next year’s municipal election. She made her announcement before a group of friends and supporters gathered at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center Thursday.  Wurzburger says she wants to focus on economic revitalization, something she had indicated to KSFR back in May when asked about a potential run…****clip  Wurzburger, who has served on city council since 2002, now joins fellow councilors Patti Bushee, Bill Dimas and Chris Rivera in the pursuit of the City’s top post.

Public housing authorities in New Mexico will shortly receive over $5 million in federal funds to make major large-scale improvements to their public housing assets.  The monies come from a just announced award from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Their Capital Fund Program allows for repairs and renovations such as energy efficient upgrades and the replacement of old plumbing and electrical systems. Some $1 million is earmarked for public housing in both Santa Fe City and County.

Two New Mexico State Police officers driving in an unmarked vehicle near Las Vegas were pulled over for allegedly speeding. During their brief detainment, however, they discovered that the supposed officer conducting the stop was not a member of law enforcement. 26-year-old John Shelton was wearing a firearm and his truck was rigged with red-and-white emergency lights.  He claimed to be with New Mexico State Police Search and Rescue. That turned out to be a lie and Shelton has been charged with impersonating an officer.

Santa Fe Police have launched a new tool to keep citizens informed, up to date and involved in their neighborhoods.  They're now making the department’s daily police reports, also known as ‘Hot Sheets,’ available online at the SFPD website. Chief Ray Rael says it makes for easier access to case numbers and reports without the need for coming in to the main station. He adds that folks curious about a police presence in their neighborhood can use the site to find out what's going on. The Hot Sheets will be updated Monday-through-Friday around 10 a.m.

As wildfires here in New Mexico have been muted by summer rains, the state has dispatched 27 firefighters to aid in firefighting efforts in Oregon, Washington and California.  Among the efforts, two 10-person hand crews consisting of members of State Forestry’s Veterans Fire Crew Program, seasonal firefighters and State Forestry staff have been assigned to the Douglas Complex Fire in Oregon.

A reminder to folks of a certain age – this is your last carefree weekend of the summer.  Santa Fe Public Schools begins the new school year on Wednesday August 14th for students in grades 1 through 12. Kindergarten students will start classes on Friday the 16th.

Weather for Santa Fe – partly sunny today with highs in the low 80s and a 30-to-40% chance for afternoon and evening thundershowers. Precipitation probabilities decrease over the weekend to just a slight chance for late day showers.  Highs around 80 degrees with overnight lows in the upper 50s.