April 26 First News: Clients of illegal SF dentist come forward. (listen)

Santa Fe Police report that they're hearing from more clients of "El Dentista," the man who illegally practiced dentistry out of his car throughout the local area. At least five people have come forward since last weekend's arrest of 36-year-old Eliver Kestler. One woman claims she sought a simple cleaning but Kestler instead removed four of her teeth, resulting in a serious infection. Police say that apart from the illegality of Kestler performing dentistry without a license, there are also health concerns for anyone having received his services. Police recovered dental tools kept in dirty toolboxes from Kestler's car.

The argument between environmentalists and the Martinez administration over building codes is set to continue. The state court of appeals has decided to hold a rehearing over its earlier decision to throw out building codes that the state had revised. At issue are energy-efficiency standards that the state had adopted for the building codes before the governor took office.  The Martinez administration revised those standards, removing the energy standarfds.  

Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson is giving up politics for a job in academia. She's been hired to be president of the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. The 52-year-old Wilson served five terms in the congress but lost two attempts to get a seat in the U.S. Senate.  

The state attorney general's office says New Mexicans should be aware of two scams making their way around the state. One of them is from scammers pretending to be from PNM. The calls they make threaten to disconnect customers unless they buy a prepaid gift card.  The second scam comes by phone and in the mail. Homeowners are asked to send their mortgage payments to the scammer, not the bank.    

Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry has proposed a 2014 fiscal year budget of some $480 million. The Board of Directors of the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce have thrown their support behind the proposal, noting it's just 1.1% higher than the current year. The package contains no tax increase or layoffs and allows for an across-the-board 1% pay increase for Duke City employees.

The New Mexico health department says there’s an outbreak of salmonella. 7 cases are reported with 4 infections in infants 13 months and younger.  Most cases are in Southern New Mexico, but Taos is also on the list.  The department blames the outbreak on baby chicks and other baby birds.  They’re urging families who have recently bought baby birds to keep them outside the house, not to allow children to snuggle or kiss them, and to wash hands carefully to avoid infection.

The governing board of New Mexico's state-run health insurance exchange is now fully populated as Governor Martinez has named six appointees of her choosing.  The board comprises 13 members.  Under law, six of those were previously chosen by state lawmakers.  Among Martinez' picks is Santa Fe physician J.R. Damron. The 13th position goes to the state's superintendent of insurance who only gets to vote in the event of a tie among other members.

Tomorrow, Santa Fe County will sponsor an unwanted drug drop-off for the collection of  potentially dangerous expired and unused prescription drugs.  The Saturday program is free and anonymous and is a collaboration among the county sheriff's office, Santa Fe and state police and the DEA. A collection last September recovered some 700 lbs. of unwanted drugs from the local area. The Wal-Mart superstore on Cerrillos will be one of six locations for drop-off.  More info can be found at the county website.

Weather for Santa Fe – mostly sunny today with a high in the upper 60s and a 20% chance for an afternoon thundershower.  That decreases to just 10% tonight with a low near 40 degrees. Saturday will be sunny, highs again in the upper 60s.  Sunday’s highs in the low 70s.