April 2 First News: Albuquerque's Mayor Requests Millions More for Police Training (listen)

Apr 2, 2014

Albuquerque's mayor wants more money for police training – and he's targeting funding in his new budget for the way the Albuquerque Police Department deals with people with mental illness. KOB-TV reports Mayor Richard Berry's new budget proposal comes just when the U-S Department of Justice is close to wrapping up its two-year investigation into APD shootings and civil rights complaints. The timing is no coincidence: Mayor Berry said the budget was crafted with the justice probe in mind. Meantime, KSFR asked New Mexico Senator Tom Udall if APD has an “institutional or cultural” problem that leads to excessive violence, Udall – a former New Mexico attorney general – said he wasn't sure: *****Udall-4 :19***** Udall added that it's quite possible that the feds will send a monitor to oversee Albuquerque’s police department.

Authorities say federal marshals shot a wanted felon Tuesday morning in southwest Albuquerque. Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office spokesman Aaron Williamson says shots were fired as the U.S. Marshal's Service Task Force moved in to arrest the man. The suspect was taken to the University of New Mexico Hospital, where he was reported in stable condition.

The U.S. Department of Energy has put-off plans to get a crew underground to begin investigating a radiation leak from the federal government's nuclear waste dump in southeastern New Mexico. The U-S Department of Energy says it'll be later this week when it'll try again, the problem being the delayed arrival of lapel video monitors that provide real-time monitoring of radiation levels the crew will encounter. The mission won't go forward without the safety- equipment. Mid-February's radiation-release at WIPP contaminated 21 of the plant's employees.

New Mexico is reopening Manzano Mountains State Park after a two-year closure. State Parks- Division Director Tommy Mutz announcing Monday the park will open on April 21st.. The park previously operated only seasonally. However, the agency has assigned a ranger to the site full- time and hopes to keep the park open year-round, depending on the wildfire risk in the area. State budget decisions and a high danger of wildfires led to the decision to close Manzano Mountains State Park, which is located in the range’s eastern foothills near Mountainair.

New Mexico's personal income growth is third-worst in the country, with only Maryland and West Virginia reporting lower results from 2012 to 2013. The New Mexico Watchdog reports that a study conducted by the Bureau of Economic Analysis reveals New Mexico's personal income during that period was one-point-seven percent.

The Town of Taos reports that water service has been restored following a water main break on Gusdorf Road. The water outage lasted more than five-hours. A Town news release says the break occurred when a private contractor was installing underground utilities Tuesday. Areas affected were Paseo Del Canon East, Morgan Road, Roy Road and Gusdorf Road.

There is no Poop Fairy.” That's the message from Bernalillo County in a move to get residents to pick up after their pets. KRQE-TV reports the new campaign's subtitle is: “grab it, bag it, toss- it.” The county notes that there are 100-thousand dogs in the county who leave 450-tons of waste in its parks, walking trails sidewalks and streets each year. And it all ends up in the Rio Grande washed into the river by the monsoons. Officials say pet owners need to be responsible because there is no imaginary fairy that goes around picking it up for you. The campaign continues through the month.

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