Teresa Anastasion

Director of Underwriting

Teresa Anastasion has been a part of the exhilarating Santa Fe community for 26 years. She arrived from Salt Lake City with only what she could put in her car.  Her two daughters went to stay with their father for a while, giving Teresa a window of opportunity to change her life.  She sold everything and hit the road falling in love with Santa Fe almost instantly.  Having graduated from the University of Utah in Journalism and Mass Communication she started off working for SLC radio and TV stations, ending up at KCGL in the early 80s as a Sales Exec.  This was one of the very first Alternative Rock Stations in the US and it was fabulous, playing David Bowie, The Police, Dead Kennedys, B-52s, Eurhythmics, Warren Zevon, Devo, The Cars…  They handed her the Yellow Pages and she started bringing in the advertisers.  But, good things don’t always last and by 1989 Teresa was ready to leave Salt Lake and find a new adventure.  Once in Santa Fe she went back to working in radio. Soon, her daughters joined her and they spun a new life in the wild west.  In 2000 she earned her NM Real Estate License and began selling the Santa Fe lifestyle.  But, the broadcast world called her back and in 2014 she joined the dedicated staff of KSFR Santa Public Radio as the new Director of Underwriting, bringing her wide range of experience.  Being a jazz lover, and singer, Teresa was already a devoted fan of KSFR and was thrilled to able to make a contribution to Northern New Mexico by working to help keep KSFR on the air.  Teresa now has twin grandsons, and is very active in their lives.  She sings, swing dances, rides her bike, hikes, writes poetry and prose, and is open to the joys of living on Gaia, committed to protecting our magical environment.