Steve Terrell

Steve Terrell is host of The Santa Fe Opry -- which specializes in the sounds of good old country music from days of yore, plus ancient backwoods "Old Weird America" hillbilly and country blues and a huge slice of modern, underground and alt-country sounds. He also hosts Terrell's Sound World -- the home of Free-form Weirdo Radio which revels in garage, punk, psychedlelic surf, R&B, polka and other crazy sounds. Terrell also produces a monthly podcast, The Big Enchilada, whcih is part of the GaragePunk Pirate Radio Network.

When not playing his wild sounds on the radio, Terrell is a mild-mannered reporter and columnist who covers politics and state government for The Santa Fe New Mexican. Terrell also writes a music column, Terrell's Tuneup, for the paper. He's the father of two grown children and a proud rock 'n' roll grandpappy.

Terrell's Sound World

Free-form, weirdo radio. 

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The Santa Fe Opry

Country music and all its twisted roots and branches. To link to Steve's blog, CLICK HERE

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