Rhea Goodman

As a “cultural creative,” I have always been interested in alternative modalities; art, music, theater, dance, films,healing, cultural anthropology, the environment. In 1960, I started the first interior design consultation service in New York ( called Instant Interiors) using what people have in a new way. In 1971, I created the first quilt gallery showing antique American quilts as art (Quilt Gallery, Inc.) long before hanging abstract quilts on the walls became fashionable. I started working with the metaphysical school Arica in 1971,and became a certified teacher of T'ai Chi Chuan in 1978. I am a born-and-bred New Yorker who moved to Santa Fe in 1982.In 1999,started Living Juicy! I see myself as a bridge between mainstream and leading-edge modalities.