Rhea Goodman

As a “cultural creative,” I have always been interested in alternative modalities; art, music, theater, dance, films,healing, cultural anthropology, the environment. In 1960, I started the first interior design consultation service in New York ( called Instant Interiors) using what people have in a new way. In 1971, I created the first quilt gallery showing antique American quilts as art (Quilt Gallery, Inc.) long before hanging abstract quilts on the walls became fashionable. I started working with the metaphysical school Arica in 1971,and became a certified teacher of T'ai Chi Chuan in 1978. I am a born-and-bred New Yorker who moved to Santa Fe in 1982.In 1999,started Living Juicy! I see myself as a bridge between mainstream and leading-edge modalities.  

Living Juicy

Now in it's thirteenth year, Living Juicy delivers the people, events, ideas that are outside the mainstream. I talk with artists, healers. writers, musicians, chefs, directors, actors, filmmakers, anthropologists and visionaries whose work is often alternative and inspiring. For an archive of over 300 of some of the best guests and to contact me, please check out my website www.livingjuicy.org

email - livingjuicy@ksfr.org

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