Marion Cox


Marion's professional career is in environmental management. She spent the early years of her career working for State and Federal government agencies in several different environmental management and protection programs. In 1990 she opened her own environmental consulting company providing services to government agencies,  private clients, and local communities throughout the country. Throughout her career, Marion has remained primarily interested in how individuals and local communities are impacted by environmental management decisions that directly affect their lives and quality of life. She believes that every community is capable of making important and meaningful contributions to the environmental decisions that affect their communities when provided with information and access to the decision making process in a timely manner.

Parking rates in downtown Santa Fe have increased by 100percent and city merchants are not happy about it.  On Monday Mayor Javier Gonzales convened a listening session over the new parking rates. He encountered a vocal group of local business owners. 

It has been anything but a quiet summer for the SF county board of county commissioners as they have dealt with several high profile and politically controversial issues. 

A resolution passed on Tuesday evening by the Santa Fe County Board of Commissions said it would not give money for the construction of a water system in the Pojoaque valley until the legal haggling over country roads is settled with San Ildelfonso Pueblo.

Government officials and southwestern residents last week observed the copper colored toxic spill as it made its way down the Animas River from Colorado and through New Mexico. There is extensive finger pointing as to who is responsible for the accidental release of more than three-million gallons of heavy metal sludge. Yet the conditions that set the stage for this mishap have been in the making for decades - and those conditions are very different in Colorado from what exists today in New Mexico.


Santa Fe County will hold a public hearing this evening to receive further comments on its proposed Solid Waste Management and Recycling Ordinance - this public hearing follows a round of public meetings held during May throughout the County on the proposed Ordinance. KSFR’s Marion Cox talks to Craig OHare, of Santa Fe's Public Works Department, about the controversial ordinance.