Joe Day


Joe Day has been a reporter for 50 years - with newspapers in Milwaukee and Providence,  on  three television stations in Boston and New Mexico public television and now, happily, for KSFR News in Santa Fe.  Here he reports on events and issues of general interest, and especially pursues stories about the lives and thoughts of so-called "ordinary," non-famous people, believing that no one of us is truly ordinary. He defines reporting as finding out about things and telling others about them, but he knows well that it rarely is that simple.  He also has taught journalism at the University of New Mexico and the former College of Santa Fe.  He and his wife, Nancy, a painter and print-maker, moved to Santa Fe 21 years ago, and have no plans to leave.  She and their far-flung family are his greatest joys. He thinks that baseball still is the best sport, and is pleased that Santa Fe now has a semi-professional team.