Ellen Lockyer


Ellen Lockyer has a long background in radio broadcast news. She arrived in Santa Fe in January of 2017 after a twenty -plus year career with Alaska Public Media.

She has covered a broad spectrum of stories as diverse as the economics of commercial gillnet fishing and the effects of space travel on the human eye.

She began her news career as editor/ reporter/photographer/layout artist of small, rural newspapers in Alaska, such as the Copper Valley Views and the Cordova Times.  She jumped to public radio in 1989, during the hectic days following the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Valdez, Alaska, when she went to work at KCHU-FM in Valdez.

Since then, Ellen’s reporting has taken her to Attu Island, the westernmost point of land in North America, and to Arctic Village, where she covered the efforts of the Gwich’in Athabascans to halt proposed oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildife Refuge.

Ellen is native of Long Island, New York.

One of the country’s 25 most disruptive businesses.. and that’s meant in a good way, is Santa Fe’s Descartes Labs. It’s disruptive in that the company shakes up the status quo with groundbreaking innovation ... and in Descartes Labs case.. that’s an understatement. 

KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer has more.

Promoters of a truck stop project slated for county land just off I-25 faced a hostile audience at the latest community meeting on the issue held Wednesday night. Hundreds of homeowners from Rancho Viejo and communities along the Turquoise Trail showed up to voice their opposition to the plan. KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer has more:

A proposal to revamp Guadalupe Street between Agua Fria north to Paseo de Peralta is expected to get underway in 2019. KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer spoke with city public works department engineer David Quintana about the proposal, and about a public meeting on the project set for tonight at the Santa Fe Convention Center.

Among the items before Santa Fe’s Governing Body later today is Gran Fondo New York’s desire to develop a bike race event in Santa Fe…

KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer has more.

New Mexico Democratic Senator Tom Udall has come out swinging against a Republican-sponsored measure to open Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.  At a press conference Wednesday  , Udall and others rallied against the plan, calling it a ploy by Republicans to offset tax cuts for the wealthy.

KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer reports.

Despite the current administration’s push to build a wall dividing the U-S and Mexico, there is one element that will link the two nations, wall or no wall.

At a symposium hosted by Santa Fe’s Water Education Foundation this week, representatives of the International Boundary and Water Commission on Wednesday announced the conclusion of a new Colorado River agreement.

KSFRs Ellen Lockyer has more.

Homeowners in two Santa Fe County neighborhoods are protesting a plan to develop a 26-acre truck stop and light industrial center on privately- owned land within earshot and eyeshot of their homes. 

As KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer reports, the decision rests with Santa Fe County on whether the development plan will go forward.

In a world of Twitter-chat and Insta-photo, how is a serious news consumer to tell what is true reporting and what is false? Northern New Mexico Press Women want to help readers sort out the real from the fake, so on Saturday, the group hosted its “ Media Literacy in a Fake News World” forum in Santa Fe. KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer was there and prepared this report: http://traffic.libsyn.com/ksfrnews/Fakes_News.mp3

In a time of uncertainty over what’s in store for the Affordable Care Act, health insurance providers on the state’s health exchange are certain of one thing, they’ll be hiking their individual policy premium rates. 

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This week, there was a birthday celebration in Alamogordo at a research facility that many New Mexicans may not be aware of.  The federal Bureau of Reclamation has a center in Alamogordo called the Brackish Groundwater NationaDesalinization Research Facility where technologies are developed to desalinate groundwater in inland states.  In  August of 2007,the plant opened its doors.

On Wake-Up Call Friday, host Ellen Lockyer has a conversation with Rachel Wixom, who is the president and CEO of the Ralph T. Coe Foundation, an organization located in Santa Fe which uses the extensive art collection of its namesake in innovative ways. 

More than 300 workers at the Hanford nuclear facility in Washington may have been exposed to airborne radioactive contamination. That in a leak at Hanford on June 8th. Ellen Lockyer speaks to Greg Mello for more on that—and an alarming new proposal potentially bringing more radioactive waste to New Mexico.


Ellen Lockyer speaks with Earth Justice about the endangered gray wolf rulings. David D'Arcy contributes a movie review on Logan Lucky, Steven Soderbergh's return to filmmaking after a long absence.



Guests include RSVP Senior Corps, services for seniors in New Mexico. Plus: An Indian Market artist, and a film review.

Ellen Lockyer reports on Shoulder2ShoulderSantaFe's action on the Santa Fe Plaza on Wednesday night ahead of the Santa Fe City Council meeting, as well as Forest Service deadlines and news about Sabinoso wilderness in the first half of Friday's show.