Bruce Hamilton

Bruce Taylor Hamilton (aka "Uncle Homey" or "Joe Bob Biscuit")

I joined KSFR about 15 months ago. It came about because of my teaching indoor cycling at clubs around Santa Fe where I build class playlists from all types of musical sources (blues, jazz, pop, Arabic, north African, Brazilian, even some classical, among others). Because of the popularity of my playlists, it was suggested that I try to find a slot at KSFR to play the many kinds of music I use. I did so, and have savored doing my show ever since.

Part of my interest in music come from a traumatic personal cessation of early musical lessons, which has led to a life-long desire to always be involved with music.

I seem to be able to find great music, or at least interesting music, within almost any musical genre. As a result, I have tapped dozens of different types of music and used them both in my classes and my show. 

I am retired, but for nearly forty years I worked in publishing; as an editor, book designer, director of a press, and judge of many book design contests. The editing and designing of a book has much in common with the process of creating music—if it has flow when years of experience and a clear idea of where you wish to go are seen or heard in the final result.

I was lucky enough to be reared by two music lovers, and, even as an infant, taken to concerts (both jazz and classical) that imbued me with an inclination to the depths of music. Don’t even ask me how many concerts and performances I have seen, those were gifts I gave myself.

I find it fascinating the process of “building” a show. To date, all of my programs have been theme shows, and the process of creating a flow within that theme and timing it in such a way that, even with my commentary (which I spend a great deal of effort in creating), the show fits neatly between station breaks.

Round Midnight

"'Round Midnight" is a program that always has a theme for its two hours. The musical spectrum is represented over time with programs featuring classical, jazz, ethnic and American genres, among others.

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