Camp Lovewave

An altered view on truth, justice and the American lost way, designed to invite you into opening up new neural pathways, activate your right brain, experience a sense of timelessness, and laugh a bit, along the way.

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Mouth of Wonder

Restaurant reviews, recipes and food views in the city different. With a humorous flair!

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Gardens, Food & Santa Fe

A landscape architect and garden design consultant who also loves food and going on cooking school vacations, join Bob each Saturday where you might find him at the World famous Santa Fe Farmers Market interviewing vendors, visitors, cookbook authors, gardening experts and the owners of the newest hip places to eat in Santa Fe.

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Our Times with Craig Barnes

Pour a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and listen to Our Times with Craig Barnes, when Santa Fe's own award-winning commentator, author, playwright and historian explores everything from pot shards in ancient history to fragments of reason in American politics, the depths of our despair and the seeds of new hope.

Interfaith Voices

Interfaith Voices (formerly called Faith Matters) provides engaging and informative discussion on the key public issues of our day through the lenses of many different faith perspectives. We foster religious tolerance and educate our listeners on the broad diversity of religious traditions and viewpoints in the United States.

Good Morning Jazz

Straight-ahead, bebop, classic and the latest discoveries. A vibrant jazz outreach.

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Xubi Wilson

How did you happen to join the KSFR family?

I was a DJ on the old station for a while and had extensive radio background from my college years. I was approached by a member of the board about doing a radio show on progressive issues in the community and “Living on the Edge” grew out of that conversation.

What was your broadcasting background prior to KSFR?

I was Folk Department Director and coordinated public affairs shows at WHRW in Binghamton, New York in the 80s. I also was an editor and contributor to the station Newsletter. I trained at KUNM when I first came to New Mexico, but never got on the air. I played non-distracting background music on KSFR when it was still operated by the Community College in the early 90s.

Hap Paull

How did you happen to join the KSFR family?

...I did not join I am being held against my will.

What was your broadcasting background prior to KSFR?

... The only prior experience I ever had is when the police broadcast my description and put out an APB on me.

What is/was your “Day Job” prior to joining KSFR?

..... Qu'ce que c'est "Day Job"?

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work at KSFR?

... Finding leftover food in the kitchen when I arrive

What “secret” thing about you do few people know?

... I like romantic comedies.

What types of music do you enjoy?

... Romanian folk tunes sung in Esperanto.

Have you been/are you a musician?

Craig Barnes grew up under the cottonwoods of eastern Colorado in a world driven by hard work but redeemed by grand champions at the County Fair, horse races, baseball in wheat fields, and a three-room country school. Abruptly in 1950, war shuffled his world, and with his family Barnes was transplanted to England, Greece and Switzerland, and later Burma, Germany, and Russia.Barnes has had a very diverse employment background as well. Over the years he has worked as an infantry officer, a laborer, a trial lawyer, a lobbyist, and run for Congress in Denver.

Audacious Audrey

Free form music you won't hear anywhere else.

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