It is almost 21 years since the world's worst outbreak of genocidal mass murder ravaged the central African nation of Rwanda, but just last month newly released government documents provided new insights into why America resisted request to intervene to stop the slaughter.   Reporter Colum Lynch of broke the story.

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New Mexico Senator Tom Udall today discussed several issues with reporters, including his effort to raise the federal minimum wage. Tom Trowbridge has the story. Listen Here

This weekend an electrical accident in Los Alamos national lab's neutron science center injured eight lab employees. One remains in critical condition at UNM hospital. According to one former lab employee, Chuck Montano, such accidents and the lack of information that follows the accidents are due to a general lack of accountability throughout the laboratory. Montano just completed a book analyzing this lack of accountability and what he says is a system that regularly denies workers’ rights and protections.

The location of the Farmer’s Market on the Taos Plaza is being disputed by some Taos merchants. KSFR’s Melody Romancito has the story. Listen Here

The eastern New Mexico city of Santa Rosa, on the edge of the Great Plains, along I-40 between Amarillo and Albuquerque is struggling to stay alive.  The population has been relatively stagnant for a decade or more, but the town's main employer, The Guadalupe County Correctional Facility would like to expand, which could bring dozens of jobs and hundreds of new residents to the community.  But there's a problem: housing.  Already many prison employees live outside of Santa Rosa and there's no available residential stock should newcomers want to settle there.

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