The "Camp" was begun about 12 years ago and offers a new vision, "Radio Vision," for the medium of radio where our listeners, we call  "Campers" sit around the virtual campfire as we talk politics, share personally and interview people of passion. Camp Lovewave offers an altered and alternative view of truth, justice and the American 'lost' way and is designed to invite you to open up new neural pathways, breathe deeply, activate your right brain and your spinal column, and  experience a sense of timelessness with a bit of laughter along the way.

Terran has a counseling business using the tool of Astrology for the past 42 years and Bari is a potter creating Asian-looking ceramic bowls.

Steve Terrell is host of The Santa Fe Opry -- which specializes in the sounds of good old country music from days of yore, plus ancient backwoods "Old Weird America" hillbilly and country blues and a huge slice of modern, underground and alt-country sounds. He also hosts Terrell's Sound World -- the home of Free-form Weirdo Radio which revels in garage, punk, psychedlelic surf, R&B, polka and other crazy sounds. Terrell also produces a monthly podcast, The Big Enchilada, whcih is part of the GaragePunk Pirate Radio Network.

How did you happen to join the KSFR family?

Through Acoustic Explorations

What was your broadcasting background prior to KSFR?

Musical performances

What is/was your “Day Job” prior to joining KSFR?

Los Alamos National Laboratory

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work at KSFR?

Public service and community outreach

What “secret” thing about you do few people know?

PhD in aqueous chemistry

Have you been/are you a musician?


If so what instrument(s) do you play?


What types of music do you enjoy?

swing, jazz manouche, bluegrass

How did you get started in radio?

musical performances

What’s your favorite album?

Django Reinhardt recordings 

How did you happen to join the KSFR family?

Can't keep a "good man" off the radio, and it's a nice fit

What was your broadcasting background prior to KSFR?

I've been doing both commercial and non commercial radio most of my life, as well as TV broadcast engineering, camerman, announcer, etc. I was a sub DJ and host at the legandary KJAZ in the Bay Area in the 80's, music director at KLCC in Eugene Or (mostly a college jazz station), and many other rock and public stations (including KPFA in the late 60!!).

What is/was your “Day Job” prior to joining KSFR?

Computer sales, radio/TV work, gardening

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work at KSFR?

Share the music, both jazz and blues, and stay on the air and keep sharp.

Libra Rising (nice), Scorpio Moon(ouch), and Aquarius Sun(different)…That’s Merrylin LeBlanc!  She has been producing Moonwise on KSFR since the summer of 2000, after having broadcast the show on KVSF here in Santa Fe beginning back in 1993, when she came to New Mexico from Berkeley, California.  Merrylin left the professional field of education to pursue her love of metaphysics and especially astrology as a tool for uncovering meaning in life.  Astrology can be used to explore many levels of existence, and Merrylin’s mission as host of Moonwise is to bring awareness to the public of the various uses of Astrology.  Topics discussed on Moonwise range from simple to complex.  Some listeners have commented on how much they have learned from this program even tho

Susan Ohori pioneered the programming of world music on radio from 1972 - 1977 on Pacifica station KPFA in Berkeley, with her program Last Chants. She served as Music Director there from 1976 - 1977, when she left the Bay Area to research and record Purepecha folk music in Michoacan, Mexico.

She published "An Introduction to World Music: 100 Records to Start With" in the Next Whole Earth Catalogue.

   Raised in a home with the Modern Jazz Quartet, Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, Amad Jamal, and Milt Jackson cascading from the hi-fi; then older bro’s Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochrane, The Outsiders, Beach Boys, and Trashmen.  Loved it all: the sounds, the sway, and the signals.  Then on to teen adventures:  Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Moody Blues, Cream, Traffic, Jefferson Airplane, the Dead, Buffalo Springfield, Joni Mitchell Pentangle, Floyd, King Crimson and all that would sprout from these associations.   A family tree began to form.  Then, a momentous 1972, the fifth Beatle, George Martin, produced ‘Icarus’ by the Paul Winter Consort, featuring Ralph Towner, Paul McCandless, Colin Walcott, leading the Invisibleman to the group Oregon, and the ECM label (Towner’s first solo release).  For o

          A native New Yorker, drummer and Straight Up leader John Trentacosta brought his collective big band and small group experience to New Mexico in 1992.  After two decades as the rhythm force behind jazz notables Chuck Wayne, Jimmy Knepper, and the Al Porcino big band, John brought new energy to the New Mexico jazz scene.

   He received his formal music education at New York University, and was an Assistant Arts Director for The Staten Island Chamber Music Players, from 1978 – 1992.

Host of Good Morning Jazz since April, 2000.
Host of The Forum since January 2008
Attorney, Federal Communications Commission  1973-2000.
Married to Julianne Bodnar
Two children Teddy Greenspan and Katie Applefeld
Four grandchildren, Nolan and Phoebe Greenspan - Charlie and Daisy Applefeld
Three step-children, Emily Cline, Michael Cline and Leslie Cline
Five step-grandchildren, Logan and Sophia Frease, Noah and Hannah
Cline and Benjamin Vitale.
Currently serves on the board of the Friends of Santa Fe Jazz.
Has served on the boards of The Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation,
the Santa Fe Symphony and the Santa Fe Desert Chorale.

Jeff Dowd joined KSFR in 1989 doing the Sunday morning show 10:00 to 2:00 back when KSFR was primarily a classical station.

He worked for 35 years as a mechanic on German cars.

Jeff took over “Postal Pros” a printing and mailing company in 2005.

He enjoys the positive input from listeners who say they like the variety and scope of the music he presents.

Jeff got interested in the Blues during the 1960 “British Invasion” when he learned that the majority of the Blues music was based on U.S. not U.K. artists.

Jeff lives south of Santa Fe near Lone Butte where he operates “All Ears Bassett Sanctuary”, a dog rescue and adoption service.