Tom, a native of Brooklyn, New York, came to New Mexico in the early 1980s from Oregon, where he learned the craft of radio news at KPNW-AM/FM in Eugene while studying for his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Oregon. His radio career included stops in Oregon, Delaware and Texas before he returned to New Mexico for good in 1990. Tom obtained a master’s degree in public administration from UNM and worked for many years at KUNM in Albuquerque as a free-lance reporter and Morning Edition host.  His work has been featured on National Public Radio, the Voice of America, Latino USA as well as the CBS and ABC radio networks. Tom, who’s thrilled to be working for KSFR, enjoys spending time with his two kids as well as playing tennis and bicycling.

Audio Saucepan
6:00 pm
Sun March 2, 2014

Audio Saucepan: “The Just Invented Episode”

3/2/14 — Audio Saucepan: “The Just Invented Episode” includes the poems “En Route” by Mary Ruefle (from Trances of the Blast, Wave Books); “The School Bell” by Andrew Hudgins (A Clown at Midnight, Mariner Books); and “Famous Kisses" by Joan Logghe (from The Singing Bowl, University of New Mexico Press)

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It’s difficult to say exactly when my interest in animals and our treatment of them started, but it’s likely with a little West Virginia rescue dog I adopted named Scout – to be followed by Piper, Big Nick, Zia, Mango and Blaze.  In 2009 I moved to New Mexico, working with volunteer animal welfare nonprofits and private rescue groups here.  Seeing the sheer number of dogs needing homes here I began to look to sources to help me understand why.  New Mexico news stories about animals were often the heartbreaking and gruesome stories of animal cruelty, but what I was looking for was the why – the political, economic, and social contexts behind the headlines.  In time that interest has expanded to encompass the treatment of all animals as reflected not in what as a society we say b

Animal Talk

Animal Talk looks at our relationship to other species as reflected by existing and emerging policies and practices.  The program alternates between issues impacting domestic animals and wildlife in New Mexico and animal-related issues of national or international relevance.

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KSFR Local
6:33 am
Thu February 27, 2014

Feb. 27 First News: Tests Reveal 13 WIPP Workers Were Exposed to Radiation (Listen)

Test results reveal that 13 employees of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant were exposed to radiation the day a radiation leak was detected at the southeastern New Mexico nuclear waste repository. The Carlsbad Current-Argus reports the workers tested positive for americium-241, one of the radiation particles emitted from the transuranic waste deposited at the facility. Elevated radiation levels have also been detected in the air around the plant, but officials say there is no public health threat.


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KSFR Local
6:41 am
Tue February 25, 2014

Feb. 25 First News: Meeting Held on Radiation Leaks From WIPP (Listen)

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