Fracking has been controversial in the United States for years, but recently it is found to be causing a huge increase in earthquakes. But one geologist says its more the waste water disposal than the fracking itself, that we should be concerned about. KSFR’s Jack Lobe has the story. Listen Here

One of Santa Fe's best dance parties -- which also happens to be A hugely successful benefit for an organization helping hundreds of people in New Mexico -- will take place this Saturday. It's Bollywood time.

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President Obama is facing a growing chorus in his own party opposing his support of a proposed Asian Trade deal or more specifically, an effort to "fast track it without sharing any of the details. Among those democrats opposing the plan is Senator Martin Heinrich. KSFR's Zelie Pollon asked him to explain to New Mexicans what this trade deal is about. Listen Here

New Mexico is not known for its kind treatment of animals. In fact, it has been rated among the worst in the country for animal cruelty. Thankfully there are organizations which work to take up the slack, taking in abandoned and abused animals and finding them homes, either in or out of state. Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary in Glorieta is one of those organizations advocating loudly on behalf of our animal friends. KSFR's Zelie Pollon reports. Listen Here

Today is the 15th anniversary of John Greenspan's tenure on Good Morning Jazz here on KSFR. Greenspan’s show is heard every Wednesday from nine till Noon.  He spoke with KSFR's Dave Marash about his career sharing some of his favorite jazz music with listeners all over Northern New Mexico, and now, via, the world. Listen Here

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Nepal’s Prime Minister says the death toll from Nepal's devastating earthquake could reach 10-thousand. The seven-point-eight magnitude quake destroyed huge sections of Kathmandu, including an eight story ancient temple, triggered an avalanche on Mount Everest that killed more than a dozen climbers while trapping others, and injuring thousands more.

For 35 years Intel has been the economic heart of Rio Rancho, but according to Deputy Assistant Editor Dennis Domrzalski of the Albuquerque Free Press, there are strong signs that era may be slowly grinding to its end.  KSFR's Dave Marash asked him on HERE AND THERE, why, in spite of reassuring statements from company and public officials, he remains pessimistic about Intel's future in Sandoval County.

The Santa Fe Culinary Academy has reopened its student-run restaurant, the Guesthouse. The term "student-run restaurant" might not inspire confidence in fussy diners, but rest assured--executive chef Rocky Durham's students are trained professionals. KSFR's Kate Powell reports. Listen Here

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. Listen Here

For the past year, Iraqi investigative reporter Oday Hatem has been working for The Committee to Protect Journalists trying to determine what has happened to the two-dozen journalists captured by the Islamic State when its forces overran the cities of Mosul and Tikrit.  Hatem found three had been killed, three were still missing and 18 were still captives.  But could the story be told?  Would publicity endanger their lives or those of their families?

Taos’ Parr Field is becoming a bit greener, thanks to the efforts of local youth. KSFR’s Taos correspondent Melody Romancito has the story. Listen Here

This weekend there was a race to raise funds for a Santa Fe public school with a very special guest. KSFR reporter Jack Lobe has more. Listen Here

Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. Listen Here

The former Santa Fe County Democratic Party chair, Richard Ellenberg, is one of two candidates seeking the New Mexico Democrats’ top leadership post. Ellenberg, who served six years in the Santa Fe County Dems’ post, faces former Lieutenant Governor Candidate Deborah Haaland when Democrats decide their next chair at a central committee meeting tomorrow in Albuquerque. Listen Here