After failing to pass a bill in the 60-day Legislative session to fund construction projects across New Mexico, state lawmakers made a second attempt and passed a bill in a one-day special session that will put people to work.  KSFR’s Deborah Martinez has more on that bill and two others on the agenda.

The use of militarized drones has not transformed the battlefield. That from RAND Corporation military analyst Lynn Davis, who told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, that  because they can only be used against enemies, like terrorist groups, they lack modern air defense systems.  But, when Dave noted that that the impunity drones give to their launchers has made it politically easier for leaders to go to war, Davis responded.

June 9 - World Cup

Jun 10, 2015

Women’s World Cup Soccer tournament got underway this weekend in Canada, amidst a scandal surrounding FIFA’s leadership.  The BBC’s Alex Capstick looks at the cup’s launch including the controversy regarding artificial turf.

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

Calling all inventors and creative minds. The company called HD-Three is hosting its next Discovery Day at the Santa Fe Community College this August with application due in mid-July. I spoke with Michelle Miller, founder of High Desert Discovery District or HD-3 about what Discovery Day is and who should get involved.

On this edition of The Sporting Life, host Dan DeFrancesco turns his attention to Canada, where the FIFA Women's World Cup is underway. 

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

As the new Archbishop prepared for his installation amidst pomp and circumstance inside the Catholic Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi in downtown Santa Fe yesterday, hundreds of the faithful and the curious gathered outside in a crowd that spilled through the giant carved doorway into the courtyard.  KSFR’s Deborah Martinez spoke with some of them as they waited with anticipation.

To hear an excerpt of Archbishop Wester's installation speech, Click Here. 

While Republican candidates seem daily to be throwing their hats into the presidential ring, the Democratic slate for Presidential nominees remains slim. Among the most colorful is US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. This Sunday organizers will hold the first committee meeting for the Independent politician. The group Santa Fe for Bernie Sanders is organized by local businessman Paul Gibson. KSFR's Zelie Pollon spoke with him about the newly formed committee and how people can get involved.

In this edition of Equal Time, host Martha Burk commemorates D-Day on its 71st anniversary--and more specifically, the one woman among thousands of men who landed on the beach at Normandy. 

June 5, 2015 KSFR First News

Jun 5, 2015

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon.

There is talk of another national park for New Mexico. The main attraction: The Manhattan Project. But not everyone thinks it’s a good idea. Dennis Carroll has the story from Los Alamos.

There’s a new creative venue in town. On Saturday, interdisciplinary artist Gregory Waits and green marketing guru Carolyn Parrs launch FRESH SANTA FE, a performance and gallery space dedicated to presenting fresh ideas and uniting the perspectives of creators from Santa Fe and cities all over the world. KSFR’s Kate Powell sat down with Waits and Parrs this week, and brings us this report.