New Mexico has a poor reputation when it comes to crimes of violence.  It seems that parts of our culture, if not actively encouraging such behavior, do not do as well as they could in preventing it.  And recently, we have been hearing more about human trafficking, which is itself yet another form of violence, often sexually-oriented. 


In this week’s edition of “The Sporting Life,” host Dan DeFrancesco discusses life lessons he’s learned from sports.

Out of approximately 84-hundred farmers markets across the country, federal agricultural officials along with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture chose the Santa Fe’s Farmers Market as the site to launch National Farmers Market Week. It’s being celebrated through Saturday to spotlight farmers markets for “developing local and regional food systems that support farmers and help grow rural economies.” Anne Alonzo of the USDA spoke at the Santa Fe Farmers Market Saturday to get National Farmers Market Week rolling:

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KSFR's Jeremy Zeilik brings you local news at noon. 

On a recent episode of KSFR's Santa Fe Radio Cafe, host Mary-Charlotte Domandi presented the third part of her series with the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. She talked to Sheila Lewis, former president of that organization and retired public defender, as well as Barry Porter, criminal defense and civil rights attorney with the Albuquerque firm Burgess and Porter, about the obstacles formerly incarcerated New Mexicans face as they attempt to rebuild their lives. 

The biggest money-maker in Hawaiian agriculture is no longer pineapples, or sugar cane.  The biggest thing, Al Jazeera America Science reporter Jacob Ward told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, is the development of experimental seeds for global farming.  The problem he says are the chemicals sprayed to keep fields of seeds healthy.

In this edition of Equal Time, host Martha Burk turns her attention to the first Republican presidential debate, scheduled to take place in Cleveland, Ohio August 6th. How will contenders handle issues affecting the largest population of American voters--that is, women? 

Calling the proposed diplomatic agreement to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon “a historic moment,” New Mexico Senator Tom Udall endorsed the proposal and urged Congress to support it based on its scientific and technical merits. Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, the Democrat said any agreement on nuclear weapons must be guided by science. *****073115-Udall-3 :34***** Udall added that  diplomacy takes time, saying “It is often imperfect. But, there are times when it is our best option — and our best course. This is one of those times.” 

KSFR's Jeremy Zeilik brings you local news at noon. 

One of the main topics in last night’s Santa Fe City Council meeting was the approval of a planned senior living facility on Old Pecos Trail. Since the plan was first introduced, it’s drawn criticism from residents of the surrounding neighborhood. Mayor Javier Gonzales cast the tie-breaking vote to approve the facility in the City Council’s July 8th meeting, but told councilors last night he now wants to remand the decision to the Planning Commission. KSFR’s Kate Powell brings us some highlights from the council’s conversation. 

The Thoma Art Foundation has been serving the Santa Fe Art Community for many years now with the purpose of shifting perceptions, sparking creativity, and connecting people across cultures. One of the ways that The Thoma Foundation is currently doing this is by bringing rare digital art to their Santa Fe Gallery ART House on 231 Delgado St. KSFR’s Sebastian Huerta went to the Art House to meet with one of The Thoma Foundations Curators, Mira Burack, and learn more about digital art.

Over the past month, the global price of oil has taken another huge drop, with the price of American oil, the so-called West Texas Intermediate, falling from 60-dollars to below 50-dollars a barrel.  But Janie Chermak, the Chair of the Economics Department at UNM told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, this might not be the bottom.

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Although most observers speak of the situation in Ukraine as "a frozen war," the former US Ambassador to Ukraine, John Herbst told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, secessionist forces, supported by Russia have become more and more aggressive in the south and east of the country.  He says the US and the West need to be tougher on confronting this.  But he says, when it comes to the crucial matter of reforming Ukraine's politics and economy, there are reasons for real optimism.

July 29 - Cheese Monger

Jul 29, 2015

When Cheesemongers of Santa Fe opened on Marcy Street in downtown Santa Fe, many wondered if a city of our size could sustain a specialty cheese shop. More than seven months later, it looks like the pungent boutique near the offices of the Santa Fe New Mexican isn’t going anywhere. KSFR’s Alan Dee paid Cheesemongers a visit, and brings us this report. 

In this week’s Medical Insights feature, Dr. Erica Elliot discusses what she calls the “nocebo” effect.

A National Weather Service Meteorologist in Albuquerque is warning that showers and thunderstorms will expand today through Friday.  Jason Frazier says a “back-door” cold front is the driving force behind the uptick in moisture and rainfall chances. Frazier says this system will be heading west through the day today and moving in Santa Fe’s direction. *****072915-Frazier-1 :22***** Frazier says while forecasters have predictions of how much rain may fall, all it takes is one storm to produce way more and result in flooding issues.