On the latest edition of The Sporting Life, host Dan DeFrancesco looks askance at new MLB commissioner Rob Manfred's campaign to run baseball games on a schedule as tight as a German train's. Listen Here 

April 10 - News At Noon

Apr 10, 2015

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. Listen Here

When Governor Susana Martinez appointed Tourism Secretary Monique Jacobson to be the new head of the Children Youth and Families Department, eyebrows were raised at Jacobson’s lack of background in child protective services. However, during her Senate confirmation hearings, the Taos native and former corporate marketing executive, managed not only to change minds, but to create excitement in a department plagued by crises. I asked Jacobson about the hearings and about the challenges that lay ahead.

Poor Zimbabwe: At 91, President Robert Mugabe can't last much longer, but a possible successor, likely to be at least as supportive of thuggery and corruption, is his second wife Grace. Former US diplomat turned analyst and author Todd Moss told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, the news may be even worse than that for Zimbabwe. For the At Noon excerpt of this interview, Click Here.

On the heels of Tax Day, Congress discusses balancing the budget by raising taxes. But who should foot the bigger bill? That's the question on Martha Burk's mind in this week's edition of Equal Time. Listen Here

Thursday marked the 73rd Anniversary of the surrender by U-S and Philippine troops to Japanese forces on the Bataan Peninsula in the Philippines, a sad occasion that carries with it history and an especially large toll on New Mexico.

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As the ceremony continued, Lt Governor Sanchez read Governor Martinez’s proclamation honoring the Bataan death march and its survivors. Following the reading, the white flag of surrender was lowered and replaced on the staff by the American flag.

April 9 - News At Noon

Apr 9, 2015

KSFR's Abigail Adler brings you local news at noon. Listen Here

Today is the 73rd Anniversary of the surrender of Bataan in the Philippines by U-S troops to Japanese forces. As Tom Trowbridge reports, it’s an occasion with deep meaning for many New Mexicans. Listen Here

It seems not a day passes without some bad news for PNM’s proposed plan to replace the two units with more coal-fired generation and a mix of natural gas, nuclear and solar power. KSFR's Zelie Pollon reports. Listen Here

The first quarter returns on Santa Fe's home sales was just released, and according to Barbara Blackwell, President of the Santa Fe Association of REALTORS, the numbers in Santa Fe are just as unpredictable as usual. Listen Here

April 8 - News At Noon

Apr 8, 2015

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. Listen Here

On Monday the Albuquerque City Council voted 6-3 to withdraw its support of the stipulated agreement pending before the NM Public Regulation Commission regarding energy development in the four corners region. Yesterday we spoke with New Energy Economy's Mariel Nanasi; today PRC commissioner Valerie Espinoza speaks out on yet another entity that changed its mind about PNM's plan. Listen Here

On Monday, organizations met in Roswell to discuss New mexico's so called Dairy rule, a set of regulations regarding the state's dairy industry that greatly impacts the water quality. In a surprising turn of events the hearing lasted only six hours, resulting in an agreement between the dairy industry, the state environment department and a coalition of 8 environmental groups. KSFR's Zelie Pollon asked Jon Block, a staff attorney for the Environmental Law Center, to tell us about the agreement and how it came about.

China recently confessed, in their new book of official Peoples Liberation Army doctrine, that they are capable of both offensive and defensive cyber-warfare.  In doing so, they confirmed what American intelligence agencies have known for a decade. But reporter and author of the recent book @War, Shane Harris, told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, one revelation was how closely the structure of the Chinese cyber-security program mirrors America's.

April 7 - News At Noon

Apr 7, 2015

KSFR's Abigail Adler brings you local news at noon. Listen Here

Late last night Albuquerque’s City Council voted to join a growing number of voices that are rejecting a stipulated energy agreement by Public Service Company of New Mexico, or PNM. KSFR's Zelie Pollon spoke with New Energy Economy Director Mariel Nanasi about last night’s decision. Listen Here

One of the biggest challenges facing new Town of Taos Director of Marketing and Tourism Rene Roberts besides directing the Town’s one-million dollar tourism marketing efforts is lifting the town out of the economic doldrums it’s been in for decades. As KSFR’s Melody Romancito reports, that’s a lot of responsibility for one person, especially since Taos hasn’t had any clear direction or focus outside of tourism, or “Heads on Beds” as the Town’s hospitality industry puts it.