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New Mexico U-S Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich are joining a bipartisan group of their Senate colleagues in Colorado and Utah to urge the Environmental Protection Agency Office of Inspector General to examine a critical set of questions regarding the Gold King Mine spill that occurred in the Animas River earlier this month. The Senators’ announcement came as New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez ordered the New Mexico Environment Department to investigate the waste spill that impacted the Animas River in Northwest New Mexico and Southwest Colorado.  

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

School started this week for all of Santa Fe's public schools. KSFR’s Zelie Pollon sat down with Santa Fe public school superintendent Joel Boyd to get a sense of what this new school year will bring.

Start with Fentanyl, a well-known pain-killing drug which is both effective and addictive.  Make it so it can be taken as a spray under the tongue and it becomes more effective and potentially even more addictive.  That's a recipe for trouble, as Roddy Boyd for the Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, that was made even more dangerous when selling it was put into the hands of a man named Alec Burlakoff.

You've probably heard the famous quote that "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."  Well, it's true.  Rain or shine, we KSFR weather junkies can't stop talking about the weather.  Today, reporter Mary Lou Cooper takes a look at 2015 New Mexico weather--where we've been and what's ahead.

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

On Friday Judge James Browning denied a request by several state environmental groups for an injunction to ban oil and gas drilling near the cultural site of Chaco Canyon in the four corners region. I spoke with one of the plaintiffs, John Horning, Director of Wild Earth Guardians, about the ruling and any next steps.

Chinese government hacks of US Government sites has been going on for a long while.  It is espionage as usual.  But Shane Harris, the national and Cyber Security Correspondent for told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, when Chinese government hackers hacked the website of an American business, they crossed a line in the sand.  It's all about a chemical called titanium dioxide.

In this week’s edition of Medical Insights, Dr. Erica Elliot discusses osteoporosis.

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon. 

In recent months, a national conversation has been brewing over the unequal treatment people of color receive in America's criminal justice system. According to the national organization Prison Policy Initiative, about nine-percent of all black men in their late 20s are in prison in the United States, and four percent of Latino men of the same age are incarcerated. The rate is just seven-tenths of one-percent for white men. Many of the crimes for which men of color are arrested involve drug abuse or addiction. 


The internment in concentration camps of well over 100-thousand Japanese-Americans for almost three years during World War Two is one of the darkest chapters in American history.  In his new book INFAMY, author Richard Reeves details the many injustices inflicted on Americans of Japanese ancestry.  He told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE, among the most damaging were almost unintended indignities of life for the detainees in the camps.

In this edition of The Sporting Life, host Dan DeFrancesco discusses David Denson, the first openly gay baseball player on an MLB-affiliated team.

KSFR's Kate Powell brings you local news at noon.