The state is in a deep budget hole. Sandra Fish of New Mexico In Depth describes the impasse dividing state legislators from the governor, who has pledged no tax increases.

Mary Lou Cooper interviews a very special guest today: Actor Alan Alda. He's been at UNM Health Sciences Center teaching medical staff and scientists how to communicate better. Dr. Richard Larson of UNM's Health Sciences Center says this is just the beginning of HSC's commitment to making docs better communicators with training.

New Mexico’s funding of public education is insufficient. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll attended a community forum of the Interfaith Coalition for Public Education, where what to do about it was the subject.

Co-Producers Jack Loeffler and Enrique la Madrid have brought the Nuestra Musica concert to the Lensic for the past 16 years.

The musicians come from all over northern New Mexico and specifically from villages along the High Road to Taos.

St. Elizabeth's Shelter

Methane pollution is a climate-changing side effect of oil and gas. NASA has identified that the highest concentration of methane in the US is centered in a hot spot over San Juan Basin in northern New Mexico. Now NASA has released a new study definitively identifying the source of that pollution: Leaky oil and gas wells. I spoke to Jon Goldstien of Environmental Defense Fund for more.

Dr. Bill Thomas explains the way that common understandings of aging are actually misunderstandings about core aspects of what makes life fulfilling.

Dr. Bill Thomas had an Aha moment in his youth and he has since become a key researcher on gerontology or old age. Dr. Thomas’s ideas are changing the way American nursing homes care for the elderly. He talks to Dave Marash of KSFR’s Here and There on why improving care for elders is so important.

Former New Mexico governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson held a home state rally this weekend in ABQ. A crowd of hundreds gathered at the Albuquerque Convention Center. KSFR’s Joe Gallegos was there.

The Indigenous Fine Art Market or IFAM launched three years ago. As a new market occurring during Santa Fe’s Indian Market week it has focused on emerging and nontraditional Native American artists. IFAM  founder and director is John Torres Nez who had previously worked for SWAIA -- the organization behind Indian Market. This year IFAM was scheduled to have a three day at the Santa Fe Railyard Park—including Saturday. But IFAM organizers had to shutter the fair after just two days, after Railyard officials discovered a snag.

Nancy Stapp presents Santa Fe  local news

Sandra Fish of New Mexico in Depth talks with Ellen Berkovitch about the death penalty and whether House democrats will stay in the minority after this fall's election.

KSFR consumer correspondent Mary Lou Cooper reports on how consumers can identify what is authentic, and what may not be, in Native American art.

Kate Powell talks to Dallin Maybee, Chief Operating Officer of SWAIA, which organizes the annual Santa Fe Indian Market. 2016 marks the 95th year.

Nancy Stapp reports Santa Fe Local News at Noon

Michael Moore fans might recognize Halla Tomasdottir as the Icelandic businesswoman featured in Moores last movie, Where to Invade Next.  Halla Tomasdottir is in Santa Fe where she recently addressed a Women and Money forum sponsored by the Women’s International Study Center. We caught up with her right before that.

Aug. 17 - Dave Marash with Shane Bauer of Mother Jones

Aug 17, 2016

Last year Mother Jones reporter Shane Bauer went undercover at Winn Correctional Center. That’s a Louisiana prison operated by CCA. Bauer told KSFR’s Dave Marash yesterday on Here and There how corporate cost-cutting plays in prison.

Jeremy Zeilik reviews a graceful cinematic folktale, Pete's Dragon.

Nancy Stapp presents Santa Fe Local News at Noon

The New Mexican reported today that state prison officials had been caught “double celling" prisoners at the Western New Mexico mens' prison in Grants. Double celling is when two prisoners are in a cell built for one. This violates a 1991 court order called the Duran Decree that the NM state Corrections Department agreed to after prison overcrowding instigated the 1980 Santa Fe prison riot.  33 inmates died in that riot. Santa Fe attorney Mark Donatelli represented inmates after the prison riot. He spoke to KSFR from Phoenix.