Automated News: MadLibs it Ain't

Mar 24, 2017
Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Could a robot really write the news?

Automated journalism is already here and it's evolving into the marketplace. Here's my conversation with Joe Procopio, Chief Product Officer at Automated Insights, a leading developer of natural language generation software.

Mya Green reads an excerpt from James Baldwin's 1962 essay, The Creative Process. It is relevant today as a call to action for the engaged citizen.

US Sen. Martin Heinrich on the ACA

Mar 17, 2017

Early this week, the Congressional Budget Office released their cost estimate of the GOP's plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare. Many New Mexico residents who enrolled in health plans under Obamacare Medicaid expansions face uncertainty as legislators debate the GOP plan, known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA). US Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) spoke with me a couple days ago to review the GOP plan—and his review was not exactly glowing.


Citizens United

A resolution on the State Senate floor to call a constitutional convention on the Citizens United decision, which allows for virtually unlimited political spending by corporations, passed 27 to 14 Wednesday on the Senate floor. Deborah Martinez reports on the debate that preceded the vote.


The Church of Scientology is an organization that does not want outsiders to view it too closely or too critically. 

That’s exactly what the BBC journalist Louis Theroux tries to do. The result is the meandering and comic and troubling My Scientology Movie. It’s playing at the CCA.  David D’Arcy has this review.



Food insecurity plagues youth in New Mexico. Today, we take a look at how the organization New Mexico Appleseed and the regenerative farm Taylor Hood Farms are addressing hunger in legislation and in communities.


David Michael Kennedy Describes Documentary Life

Mar 16, 2017
David Michael Kennedy

David Michael Kennedy has had a photographic career spanning portraits of musicians from Dylan to Springsteen to Debbie Harry. More recently, he spent two years traversing the country by Airstream and now has 2400 large-format negatives to process. A show of his work at Globe Gallery, through mid-May, is acting a kind of retrospective.

Vulnerable Adults Part 4: Alice's Story

Mar 15, 2017

There were 306,000 people over the age of 50 living on the streets of the United States in 2014. They make up 31 percent of our nation’s homeless population. One of those older adults in  Santa Fe is Alice. Alice comes to Interfaith Community Shelter – Pete’s Place – on Resource Days. Here is a part of Alice’s story.



Rita Daniels is News Director at KNCE, True Taos Radio. She reports for us on what animated her week last week around Taos.

Joe Rosetta is a Santo Domingo Pueblo traditional spiritual counselor. He works on Fridays at Pete’s Place, the Interfaith Community Shelter on Cerrillos Road. There he sees homeless veterans and many people experiencing homelessness who are having struggles with alcohol and drug addiction who want to talk with him for a while. That’s exactly what KSFR’s Derrick Toledo did to produce this story.

And here are some outtakes from Derrick's conversation with Joe.

In the new film Get Out, a black man visits his white girlfriend’s parents — and almost ends up on a dissection table. It’s a horror film — and it’s one of the most popular movies out now. Get Out is at the Violet Crown. David D’Arcy has this review.


Dottie Lopez

Lowriders, Hoppers and Hot Rods — Car Culture of Northern New Mexico —opened last May at the New Mexico History Museum. That blockbuster show ended last Sunday but its run inspired Northern New Mexico College Actors to develop 12 switches, a play based on their real life stories from Espanola. 

Master banjo player and songwriter Bela Fleck will perform with his wife -- herself a banjo virtuosa and singer, Abigail Washburn -- on March 13th at the Lensic. Dylan Syverson spoke with him this week.


Mya Green reports on the Heart of Gender Justice, a new report coming out of listening sessions conducted around New Mexico by New Mexico Women dot org.



Vulnerable Adults Part 2: Housing Santa Fe's Homeless

Mar 8, 2017

Finding permanent housing solutions for the homeless is a problem that doesn’t go away. We take an in depth look at it in this Part 2 of Vulnerable Adults, a documentary series on homelessness centered at Pete’s Place, the Interfaith Community Shelter on Cerrillos Road.