Executive Director Search

The Board of Directors of the Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation is seeking an executive director to head up operations of KSFR 101.1, Santa Fe New Mexico.

We are looking for a person who will assist the Board in moving the organization to a new level, one with a sounder financial footing.  

The successful candidate will have substantial experience in communications media and fund raising.  We will not turn our back on a candidate with experience in other nonprofit arts organizations, but that is not our first choice. While we would prefer someone who is already a neighbor, we recognized that we may have to cast a wider net.

The job description can be found here.

We have already received numerous applications.  Several are very promising.  We expect to get more by the July 20, 2013, deadline.

Candidates who become finalists will also meet with staff before a final decision is reached.  We hope to have a new executive director in place by September 1.

Frank Katz


Northern New Mexico Radio Foundation