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There’s a proposal in the New Mexico Legislature this session that if approved by lawmakers and state voters would forever change the nature of political primary elections. Tom Trowbridge has the story.


You may know Jason Silverman as Cinematheque director at the CCA in Santa Fe. But he's also a filmmaker: he co-wrote, directed and produced a new documentary, SEMBENE! (SEM-BEN) , about the life and career of Ousmane Sembene, one of the most significant figures in Senegalese cinema and literature. 

The film, a collaboration with Sembene biographer Samba Gadjigo, was named "One of the top 18 films of Sundance" in 2014 and last year made its international premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. KSFR's Kate Powell spoke with Jason and brings us this story. 

Continuing his series of reviews of nominees for Best Animated feature at the Academy awards, KSFR Correspondent Jeremy Zeilik takes a look at the Brazilian import Boy and The World.

A Republican-sponsored bill aimed at putting New Mexico in compliance with the federal REAL ID Act has passed in the House. The proposal was approved 39-30 along largely party lines on Wednesday, setting up a showdown with the Democratic-controlled Senate. Under the proposal, New Mexico would begin issuing REAL ID-compliant licenses and end the practice of granting state driver's licenses to immigrants in the country illegally.

A coalition of pro-choice advocates marshalled their forces at the state Capitol Tuesday in hopes of fending off any anti-abortion measures that may be introduced in the Legislature this session. KSFR’s Dennis Carroll has the story.

One week into this years legislative session and KSFR spoke with several Senate leaders about theiur thoughts and priorities on how this 30-day budget session was progressing. KSFR's Zelie Pollon first spoke with Democratic Senate Majority Whip Michael Padilla.

This week, in Your Money Decisions, Kate Stalter continues last week’s theme of managing your risk. It’s imperative that investors understand whether their investments are in line with their tolerance for the current roller coaster ride.

Kate is the personal-finance columnist for the Santa Fe New Mexican, and an investing columnist at U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, Morningstar and TheStreet.com. She also blogs and hosts a podcast at BetterMoneyDecisions.com.

A proposal to expand the New Mexico's "three-strikes" law for sentencing habitual offenders has cleared another hurdle. The House Judiciary Committee voted 7-4 on Tuesday in favor of the bill filed by Rep. Paul Pacheco. The Albuquerque Republican says the current "three-strikes" law in New Mexico includes crimes that already can result in life sentences and is so narrow that no one has been convicted under it since it was enacted two decades ago.

Jan. 26 - News At Noon

Jan 26, 2016

KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

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The deadline to sign up for health insurance coverage for 2016 is Sunday. One way to enroll is through a website called BeWellNM.com. That site also provides lists of experts who can help people pick the best plan for their situation and budget.  

The pain and suffering that Alzheimer's disease causes its victims is well known. But what about the financial hardship that the disease causes the victim's families? Dr. Amy Kelley of Mount Sinai Medical Center told KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE about the realities of caring for an Alzheimer's patient.

In this edition of Medical Insights, Dr. Erica Elliott discusses ways to detoxify your body, particularly after airline travel.

New Mexico lawmakers are considering a proposal to open Democratic and Republican primary elections to any voter amid a surge in independent voter registration. House Democrats announced the proposal Monday to switch the state to an open primary system in which voters can cast a primary ballot for the candidate of their preference without respect to party affiliations. Currently, only Republicans and Democrats can vote in their respective primary elections in New Mexico. Critics say that contributes to low voter turnout.

Jan. 25 - News At Noon

Jan 25, 2016

KSFR's John Calef brings you local news at noon. 

In Washington, there are efforts underway by Congress to approve steps toward election reform in hopes of increasing transparency and openness in our nation’s political system. KSFR’s Tom Trowbridge brings us this report.

As we cover voices and groups from Santa Fe’s state capitol during this year’s legislative session, we hear today from New Mexicans who gathered for Public Lands Day held on Friday.

KSFR will be following any proposed land transfer bills along with all others during this legislative session.

Access to the Internet is a defining part of today's world. But not all Americans enjoy the same level of access. Sree Sreenivasan, chief digital officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, told  KSFR's Dave Marash on HERE AND THERE why America's digital divide matters and how it affects the disconnected, particularly African-Americans and Native Americans.

To listen to a full podcast of HERE AND THERE, Click Here. 

In this edition of The Sporting Life, host Daniel J reflects on winter storm Jonas, and the way he used to amuse himself during winter weather as a child on the East Coast.