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Automated News: MadLibs it Ain't

Could a robot really write the news? Automated journalism is already here and it's evolving into the marketplace. Here's my conversation with Joe Procopio, Chief Product Officer at Automated Insights, a leading developer of natural language generation software. http://traffic.libsyn.com/ksfrnews/324auto-news.mp3

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Child Hunger and Food Insecurity in New Mexico

Food insecurity plagues youth in New Mexico. Today, we take a look at how the organization New Mexico Appleseed and the regenerative farm Taylor Hood Farms are addressing hunger in legislation and in communities. http://traffic.libsyn.com/ksfrnews/appleseed.mp3

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The Salesman, by the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, is a tale of family and revenge. It’s nominated for the best foreign language film Academy award, although its director won’t be coming from Iran for the Oscars ceremony. The Salesman is playing at CCA Cinematheque. Our critic, David D’Arcy, says it’s a must-see.

A state judge last week ordered the New Mexico Department of Workforce Solutions to suspend some of its reasons for refusing to investigate wage theft claims. The temporary restraining order came just two weeks after workers and advocacy groups filed a class-action lawsuit against the agency. KSFR’s Hannah Colton has more.

Wild Earth Guardians

Last summer an explosion started a fire at a WPX Energy site, an oil production site off US Highway 550 south of Nageezi. The fire burned five days and forced more than 55 evacuations from residents of the Nageezi chapter of Navajo Nation

Derrick Toledo reports today on the BLM recent sale of new leases of land for oil and gas exploration near Chaco Culture Historical Park.

In December 2001, CNN obtained over 1500 tapes recovered from Osama bin Laden’s compound in Kandahar, Afghanistan. They featured voice recordings of bin Laden as well as of numerous Al-Qaeda operatives.

Derrick Toledo

Derrick Toledo reports on the way that basketball is helping Native youth stay engaged in school. He attended the Striking Eagle basketball tournament late last year and reports.

Updated Monday. The Superintendent discusses the dark money flier that landed in Santa Fe residents mailboxes on Saturday.

Tuesday February 7th is voting day for education in Santa Fe. The Santa Fe Public Schools have a General Obligation bond, a GO bond, on the ballot that will allocate $100 million mostly for infrastructure improvements.

Are Changes to Capital Outlay in the Offing?

Feb 2, 2017

New Mexico is the only state in the US that lets legislators earmark specific projects to benefit from capital outlay spending through the so-called Christmas Tree bill. Sandra Fish reports on attempts to reform the capital outlay process during this year's legislative session. She speaks with Fred Nathan of Think New Mexico, as well as two state legislators.

Full disclosure is a phrase we use in journalism . And full disclosure of the moneys lobbyists are spending both to influence elections and the passage of bills is a subject Sandra Fish has been covering for New Mexico In Depth and for us at KSFR 101.1 FM at the New Mexico Legislative this session. 

Hannah Colton

Donald Trump’s immigration ban has barred citizens of seven Muslim majority countries from entering the US for the next 90 days and suspended all refugee admissions for the next four months.

Santa Fe Mayor Javier Gonzalez is holding his ground after President Trump signed an executive order threatening to withhold federal funds from so-called sanctuary cities. Gonzalez says Santa Fe won’t be coerced into enforcing federal immigration laws. And he is not the first New Mexico politician to make national headlines for taking such a stand. 

Tomorrow is February 1st and that means that tax season is upon us.

We kick it off Mary Lou Cooper’s new consumer affairs series on tax scams and schemes with this story about how to choose a tax preparer and what to look out for.

In Part 2 of this series we’ll take a look at IRS impersonators.


Dave Marash

Here and There with Dave Marash

This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY Mar. 20 - A cult is defined as an isolated or at last separated community with a charismatic leader. America is full of them, some good, some bad. Pulitzer Prize-winning AP investigative reporter Mitch Weiss reveals how The North Carolina-based Word of Faith fellowship was turned into an abusive prison camp TUESDAY Mar. 21 - Northwest New Mexico is marked by the biggest methane plume in North America. The Obama Administration’s EPA enacted rules to make oil and gas producers reduce...

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