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In the Studio: Krav Maga Instructor Heather Rider on the "South Cap Creep"

Santa Fe police believe an intruder who has recently been peeping in windows and exposing himself to women living alone in the South Capitol neighborhood may be responsible for a similar series of crimes last summer. Heather Rider teaches the Israeli self-defense system Krav Maga, and recently held a workshop for residents of South Cap. She joined Hannah Colton and Dylan Syverson in the studio to discuss self-protection strategies. http://traffic.libsyn.com/ksfrnews/hc-krav.mp3

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Nick Davidson

Once-Obscure NM Climbing Scene Heating Up

New Mexico's rock climbing scene has always been robust, but significantly less traveled than climbing destinations in Utah and California for example. But good news and bad news for New Mexico's die-hards: it's getting more attention lately. http://traffic.libsyn.com/ksfrnews/nd-climbing.mp3

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June 5 courthouse moving date

Apr 30, 2013

Court officials have set June 5th to begin the move into the new district courthouse.  

Court administrator Steven Pacheco tells KSFR News that the move entails bringing existing courtroom seating from the old courthouse because new seating will not arrive until the end of July.  It was ordered late because of delays in funding.  

Because of the move, court will be closed from June 5th, reopening on the 10th.    

On Tuesday's midday report: A fight seems to be brewing among board members of the Lamy Railroad and History Museum over the decision to close the Legal Tender restaurant...A state elected leaders call for job expansion, reports say UNM's hospital is outsourcing 50 clerical jobs out of state...Fire restrictions for both the city and the county of Santa Fe are on the way...headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen....

Santa Fe city council will be getting a draft of next year's city budget in time for a vote on May 8th.  The finance committee has wrapped up work on the spending plan that anticipates about the same amount of income as this year.  The New Mexican reports the budget provides no wage increases and would eliminate some city jobs that are currently vacant. The plan also doesn't call for increasing taxes.  

On Monday's midday report:  The Lamy Rail Road and History museum has told the Legal Tender restaurant that operates in the museum to shut down. We'll speak with the museum's president to find out why...A Santa Fe-based think tank responsible for any number of new state laws and policies is on a new quest to open up New Mexico's primary elections to all registered voters, not just those in the two major parties...And details on the police department's giveaway of free gun locks...headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

Former police chief Arik Wheeler is under investigation on allegations he improperly released a pickup truck from the city's impound lot. The vehicle had been seized in a DWI incident.  The allegations say that Wheeler released the vehicle to the owner without authority.  Wheeler is now a police captain who served for a little more than a year as chief.  

On Friday's midday report: We’ll take a trip down to southern New Mexico to learn about the latest development that brings suborbital space travel a step closer…Santa Fe County is holding another program where locals can get rid of unwanted,  unused prescription drugs – some of them deadly if they fall into the wrong hands…Things may be looking up for solving those delays in air travel, now that both the Senate and the House have approved bills to restore some funding to the FAA...headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

Santa Fe Police report that they're hearing from more clients of "El Dentista," the man who illegally practiced dentistry out of his car throughout the local area. At least five people have come forward since last weekend's arrest of 36-year-old Eliver Kestler. One woman claims she sought a simple cleaning but Kestler instead removed four of her teeth, resulting in a serious infection. Police say that apart from the illegality of Kestler performing dentistry without a license, there are also health concerns for anyone having received his services.

On Thursday's midday report: Excerpts of city councilors explaining their vote on the gay-marriage resolution...chair of U.S. Senate appropriations committee questions operations of LANL and another national lab after privatization...what happens after a forest fire...headlines...60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen...

Santa Fe city councilors have approved a non-binding resolution urging county clerks to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. The 5-3 vote came at the end of a discussion that lasted more than an hour at yesterday afternoon's meeting. City council chambers were packed to capacity by both opponents and supporters of the measure. *** The resolution came up after Mayor David Coss and Councilor Patti Bushee announced that state law is neutral on the question of who can get a civil marriage license. A full report At Noon on KSFR 101.1.


  After local news headlines, a talk with the New Mexico Agriculture Secretary on continuing drought impacts on our state's ranchers and farmers. Then, we billboard the vote on Santa Fe's marriage equality resolution coming up tonight with a special report from KSFR reporter Marion Cox in Paris.  Plus 60 Seconds with Christopher Hagen.


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