Each Monday, KSFR’s Wake-Up Call is pleased to air “America Speaks,” produced by Tish Lampert. Here’s this week’s episode:

Today on Wake-Up Call: Listen to April’s “Community Matters.” This month on the program produced by the Santa Fe Community Foundation: Mayor Alan Webber discusses Housing; Also today, we have “America Speaks” with Tish Lampert; the Marketplace Morning Report and KSFR Local News.

Downwinders Seek Compensation Under RECA

Apr 13, 2018

Last week, tourists and history buffs visited an open house at the Trinity bomb site on the White Sands Missile Range.  But protesters were there at the gate to the missile range, led by the Tularosa Basin Downwinders Consortium.  Tina Cordova heads that group, and she spoke with KSFR's Ellen Lockyer about why New Mexicans who lived close to the 1945 atomic blast and their descendants, want compensation.

Common Cause Poll Indicates New Mexicans Want Change

Apr 13, 2018

Common Cause, the non-partisan group that keeps its eye on government spending, says a recent poll conducted in New Mexico shows that voters here want changes.  One change, for instance, is paid legislators.  Another is campaign finance reform.  Wake Up Call host Ellen Lockyer speaks about the poll results with Common Cause New Mexico director, Viki Harrison.

Wake Up Call host Ellen Lockyer discusses an exciting new collaboration that could boost film careers in Santa Fe and elsewhere.  Seattle Film Institute president David Shulman and SFCC Film Studies faculty member Monique Anair are live in the studio to tell us about how the partnership can help students earn a BA degree in a number of disciplines within film studies by enrolling in SFCC's AA film program, and transferring credits, but not necessarily the student, to Seattle.

KSFR'S Wake Up Call For April 12, 2018

Apr 12, 2018

On today’s Wake-Up Call: 3rd District Ne Congressman Ben Ray Lujan grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, and you’ll hear the exchange. Also, host Tom Trowbridge speaks with the organizers of two upcoming events in Santa Fe: The 2nd annual Next Generation Water Summit and New Mexicans for Money Out of Politics will hold a conference on “Achieving a Fair Political System.”

N.M. Democratic Rep. Ben Ray Lujan on Wednesday during a House Committee hearing Wednesday, Congressman Ben Ray Luján grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Tom Trowbridge has more:

KSFR'S Wake Up Call For April 11, 2018

Apr 11, 2018

Today on KSFR's Wake-Up Call: Local author and CEO Lorraine Ell discusses her new book "BOZOS, MONSTERS AND WHIZ-BANGS: Bad Advice from Financial Advisors and How to Avoid It"….also today: The Marketplace Morning Report, local news and Jack and Celestia Loeffler’s “Watersheds As Commons.”

April is “Financial Literacy Month”….and it’s timely to be discussing the new cautionary book by local author Lorraine Ell. Ell, whose financial and investing career has spanned 30-years, has just released “Bozos, Monsters and Whiz-Bangs: Bad Advice from Financial Advisors and How To Avoid It.” Ell was on KSFR’s Wake-Up Call this morning with host Tom Trowbridge:

On Tuesday’s Wake-Up Call, as part of KSFR’s series of interviews with candidates seeking to become the new Sheriff of Santa Fe County, host Tom Trowbridge spoke with Adan Mendoza.


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