On Today’s Wake-Up Call, Tom Trowbridge speaks with officials and performers with the Santa Fe Rodeo, which gets underway Wednesday at 5pm.

The case of theft of New Mexico’s water by ranchers in Texas for years now being exposed by State Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn.

A couple of weeks back, the Texas Tribune’s Jay Root published a story detailing a key difference in ownership of land in the two states contributes to the divergent water policies. But Root’s story’s bottom line is simple: millions of gallons of New Mexico’s water is being stolen, and it's also being sold back in New Mexico for fracking.KSFR’s Tom Trowbridge spoke with Dunn on Monday: 

Wake-Up Call Host Tom Trowbridge discusses Thursday’s Dump The Pump Day with Transit Division Director of Administration and Grants Manager Keith Wilson and Lois Amador, the Division’s Administrative Supervisor for Communications.

Santa Fe Fashion Week – June 21st thru June 23rd

Jun 19, 2018

On KSFR's Wake-Up Call Tuesday, host Tom Trowbridge discussed what’s on tap for Santa Fe Fashion Week with KSFR Fashion and Art Commentator, Natahsa Nargis.

It was earlier this month when the New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association presented the 2018 Charles Driscoll Memorial Award to Charles—better known as Chuck—McCormack. McCormack specializes in research and writing for the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Albuquerque. He took-on that role after six years as a Legal Aid lawyer. KSFR’s Tom Trowbridge recently spoke with the award-winning attorney.

This month on “Community Matters,” New Mexico’s ongoing and severe drought is the topic of discussion. Program host and Santa Fe Community Foundation CEO Bill Smith welcomes guests from the Santa Fe National Forest; the City of Santa Fe and the Forest Stewards Guild to discuss.

KSFR'S Wake Up Call For June 18, 2018

Jun 18, 2018

On today’s Wake-Up Call, host Tom Trowbridge speaks with Congressman Ben Ray Lujan about his thoughts on net neutrality, the recent U-S & North Korean summit meeting as well as legislation the Third-District Democrat is sponsoring to battle the nation’s opioid epidemic. Also this morning, KSFR’s Ellen Lockyer updates us on Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber’s transition efforts; And we have “Community Matters,” the monthly program from the Santa Fe Community Foundation, focusing today on New Mexico’s prolonged drought.

On Monday’s Wake Up Call, host Tom Trowbridge discussed issues including “Net Neutrality,” the recent U.S. – North Korea Summit meeting and New Mexico’s—and the nation’s—opioid crisis with Rep. Ben Ray Lujan from New Mexico’s Third Congressional District.

Mikey Baker

KSFR's Art Beat Reporter John Shannon speaks with Santa Fe musician Mikey Baker - the founder and co-front man for the Led Zeppelin cover band Moby Dick which has been on the Santa Fe music scene for over 12 years. And if you want to learn how to play guitar like Jimmy Page - Mikey is your man!


AARP Warns of Scams Targeting Veterans

Jun 15, 2018

According to a study commisioned by senior advocate organization AARP, in the last five years veterans have been twice as likely as non-veterans to become fraud victims.  Eighty percent of these veterans say that they've been targeted by a specific scam to rip vets off.  In response, AARP joined forces with the US Postal Service to create Operation Protect Veterans.  AARP Foundation regional director Amy Nofziger spoke with KSFR consumer reporter Mary Lou Cooper on vetran scams for this report.


This week on HERE and THERE

MONDAY June 18 - Turkey seems to have won a stare-down with the United States in Northern Syria. The US has agreed to make Kurdish troops, our best allies in the fight against the Islamic State, leave the Syrian city of Manbij. Now Turkey, Iran and Hezbullah are threatening to defy American wishes elsewhere in Syria and Iraq. Pultizer Prize winning reporter Roy Gutman explains what’s going on TUESDAY June 19 - Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ “zero tolerance” policy on immigration across...

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